10 March 2009

More Sketch Love <3 and sleep masks!

Updated:  I also added pictures of the sleep masks that I made at the bottom of this post!!

Sketch #20: Sketch a project that you are currently working on :)

Sketch #21: Today was all about the...(What?)

Sketch #22:Divide your page into two parts. On one side, fill it with objects or words that describe you. On the other side, fill it in with objects or words that describe your partner:

Sketch #23: Sketch your most recent purchase.

Sketch #24: Who inspires you creatively?

Sketch #25: Fill the entire page of journal with doodles! :
(My page was inspired by this painting by Elsie :)

Wow!! Only, five more days left to complete that 30 day challenge. I loved every second of it :) This is how I like to journal now, with pictures and sketches as opposed to all writing. Three of my fifth grade girls even went out and bought moleskins to start doing a sketch challenge :) I love seeing my students get inspired!!
Last night, my dad informed me that he wanted me to make him a felt sleepmask for the flight Sunday morning.  Ummm...ok!  I love any chance that I get when it comes to playing with felt!!  I made when with eyelashes and it looked really girly so I ended up giving that one to my mom.  He then informed me that two fried eggs would look cool on his sleepmask for the eyes :)  Could my dad be any cuter??  That is exactly what I gave him.  Here he is modeling his sleepmask and me modeling the one that I made for my mom!  I love them and my parents are too adorable when they are wearing them :)

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  1. I love the lightsaber that defines me :) Is that macaroni in the corner?? Also, we forgot bubble tea last Sunday. We will definitely have to hit it up after the cruise :) I love you right this second!

  2. I love you every second!! Duh! of course that is macaroni :)

  3. Your dad is the cutest!!!! I looove his sleep mask!!! :)

  4. Those masks are adorable!

  5. Love your dad! 1st because he wanted fried eggs on his sleep mask 2. because he wanted a sleep mask and 3. because he is wearing a pink shirt in this picture! he is pretty much my new favorite person :)

  6. yay! new sketches! I also love the masks...the egg one totally cracks me up!

  7. hey girl!!! Swap projects are currently making their way over to you from NJ. Hope you have fun on the cruise!!!

  8. LOOOVe your sketches! and the masks! eeeeee!


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