27 March 2009

MAEA Art Conference

This weekend Nicole, Sarah, and I headed out to the MAEA conference.  It has been sooooo much fun!  We have made some really cool projects and sold a lot of our yellowbarnart good.  Seriously, we SOLD OUT!! 
I looooove it!
The one thing I must say, and I never thought that I would be this girl but..I miss my husband.  I have been away from him for 2 days and it is 2 days too much!
Monday he has to go back to Kansas City to work for the week, boo!
Apparently, word on the street is, it is supposed to SNOW all day tomorrow.  There is literally a winter weather advisory out.  Really, did St. Louis not get the memo that it is almost April!?!? Come on!
All I am going to say is that my birthday is April 5 and all I want for my birthday is some sunshine and warm weather.  Noooooo snow please :)
I am also getting ready to head back to school Monday after 2 weeks of vacation.  Yikes-a-roo!!
I miss my students, they are fantastic but...it's always hard to get back into the groove.
Ok friends, my other two "roomies" are falling asleep so I must go to sleep as well. 
Good nighty nights!


  1. I love Sock Monkeys!! Were suppose to get dumped on today...4-12 inches is what there calling for. YUK!!! I hope there mistaking.
    I'm going to the RVA Craft Weekend too. It will be nice to meet you.

  2. sold out! awesome!


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