05 March 2009

Secrets secrets...

Well, I have a confession to make.
Back in November Jodie (the world's greatest photographer) took Adam and I's engagement pictures and also did a secret wedding dress shoot with me. This was awesome because I wouldn't have had bridal portraits any other way because we do not have a photographer for our Cozumel wedding. Sooooooooo, we were so good about keeping these pictures a secret from Adam. She burned two disks, she didn't post any sneak peaks, I had to store them somewhere secret on my computer and so on. Well, I couldn't help it!!!
I showed him!!!
I really couldn't help it...I tried.
I figured we are married now so I could show him. Plus, I am going to look different at the wedding because my haircut is different, I will have jewlery on, more makeup, a veil, and I will be super tan from a week in the carribean. Sooooo...that justifies it right?? Hahahaha.
So, now I can post my favorite of the pictures on the blog and share my secret with all of my blog friends too!
I love these pictures:

Oooooh la la!
I love them!! My favorite is the graffitti wall and the pictures from the homeless camp that was full of art and cool sculptures. Such a neat area and Jodie has such an eye for all things cool and creative.
So, again, I really couldn't help it :)


  1. Oh Wifey...you look so beautiful in your dress :) Well, you look beautiful all the time! I can't wait to see you this weekend babe! I love you!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! Awesome pictures!!! So amazing and beautiful! She really finds the best spots in St. Louis!

  3. absolutely HOT! what a beautiful bride! yay!
    i'm bad about keeping fun secrets too! :D

  4. Those pictures are fantastic...you are so beautiful. It would be really difficult to keep them a secret. Congrats on everything!

  5. Those are the best pics I have ever seen I mean it! You are beautiful! Jodie is truly an artist. I love the way she takes the ordinary and makes it amazing.

  6. fabulous pics Janel; i love the one with the pink bike :)

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! I would love to join the swap you were talking about in the RVA class! Let me know how and what to do!

  8. BEAUTIFUL photos!! Love the panda in post below!! I still am trying my best to at least get to one of the projects ...NOT working! LOL!

  9. OH JANEL! I am laughing so so hard that you caved after waiting for SO long! :) And I didn't realize what a different hair cut you have now, I love both but you look so young in these to me!

    ALSO, can you send me a disk when you have time? For the LIFE of me I think I deleted them, or HID them so hard from Adam (as if he's on my computer) that I can't find them and I would lOVE to put them on the website... one my MY favs is the sunglass photo! Share that one! HA!

  10. L-O-V-E the pics....what a beautiful bride!

  11. OMG!! Could yu be any more beautiful!! LOVE THEM!!!


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