04 March 2009


I am catching up on my projects! Yay! I even have pictures to post of what I have done so far and that makes me happy :)
So, first off is my Panda Bear Plushie. This project was perfect because I actually have a friend who loooooves panda bears :) You know who you are! This little baby is for you! She isn't stuffed yet, but other than that, she is finished:

love her! She is such a diva little panda bear.
Next up, my doily throw. This project is still in the works but I am slowly working on it .

Now for my favorite!! The felt family wall art!! I decided to make mine symbols that stand for Adam and I. I was inspired by the map in my last post so I made Missouri for me and Massachusetts for Adam!! I need your help though because I feel like it is missing something and it is driving me insane!!! She I keep the heart, get rid of it, add something else?? It needs something. I am in love with it though and can not wait to frame it!!

looooooooooove it!
Finally, here are my most recent journal pages from my "Sketch a day" challenge: The prompt for each day is listed on each page :) Enjoy!!

Alright, now after I finish my scarf...I will post more :)


    Panda Bear, oh yeah, Panda Bear...YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!

    What's a girl to do?

    CHCOO (my word verification letters somehow seem appropriate right now :)

  2. Nice work! What if you make two tiny felt hearts and put them in the spot where the towns you are from are in each state (does that make sense?). Love the map idea!

  3. Great Job on everything. your wall felt art is going to be awesome...it already is...
    I'm going to work on some of my stuff tomorrow. Have a good Thursday!

  4. I love the idea about the tiny hearts on the town where you guys are from and then maybe you can put an M for MacLean where you have the big heart in the corner?

    So cute design; i love it!

  5. very nice stuff!
    i have a thought about your felt fam portrait- i like the heart but maybe the prob with it is the color- your other colors are so gorgeous together, i think if your heart was a teal or a soft green or just something that compliments the other colors it would be perfect ! :-)

  6. I mailed your copy of the ceremony today.....it sure was fun to write: Mr. & Mrs. MacLean on the envelope!
    I like the idea of the "M" on the corner where the heart is and the two smaller hearts on the states where the cities would be.

  7. I love your felt family art! I think it's going to be one of my favorite projects in the class!

  8. oh my goodness girl! you are rockin' out the projects!!! i love them all!
    i just finished my scarf tonight! they are fun! and easy and super cute!

  9. i found your blog through rach and elsie's online class. your projects look sooo good, especially your panda bear.

    come visit my blog anytime :)



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