24 March 2009

Sketch-a-day wrap-up :D

I was a total slacker when it came to taking pictures of my sketches for this project each day.  I did however take pictures of the rest of the challenges while I was on the cruise.  I also re-did some of the past sketches (as I sometimes do, ha!)  So, here is what I have for 26-31...Enjoy!
Sketch 26:
Sketch something that you have seen of someone elses. See if you can :) Ha!
I decided to try and "copy" one of Elsie's journal covers from the RVA class...I loved the writing style and I wanted to see if I could do it.

Sketch 27:
Turn your day into a math equation.
I based mine on what my day was going to be like the next day. My anticipation of Elsie's visit :)

Sketch 28:
What phrase describes your day? Write it repeatedly:)

Sketch 29:
I doodled a picture around the linoleum cut stamp that I made for the RVA class.

Sketch 30:
I did a map of words that depicted my day. I did this on our drive to Florida for the cruise :)

I did an extra sketch, Sketch 31 because I had one page left in my "Cross My Heart" journal by Rachel:

Here are my two re-dos :)

Also, here is my favorite project right now from the RVA class. I loved this mobile that says I <3 Hand Made. I made this last night at like midnight :)I really do heart hand made too!! I think it is toooooo stinkin cutie-pie :)

And on a final note. Speaking of soooo cute...Last night I was looking all over my condo for my sweet little chihuahua, Catalina. I couldn't find her anywhere until I looked inside of Adam's un-packed suitcase :) She was asleep. She popped up right before I could take a picture but seriously, isn't she the cutest!?! I think so.

love her!


  1. how fun! ya, i totally slacked on the sketch a day and was not finding any inspiration for them. i love yours though!
    cute dog condo...i wish i was a doggy with a condo.

  2. OH I love that I made it into a sketch! I mean that is awesome!

    AND I would DIE to have that camera sketch with "Jodified" or something to frame for my office!!! Please?

  3. Sooo great! I love the day as a math equation! I'm gonna have to do that one!! :) I totally slacked on the project too. Didn't even finish the ones Holly posted. Yours are sooo great! What an awesome journal to have!!!! Loooove it!!!

  4. How adorable is Catalina!!

    BTW, we are showing the movie "One Night With the King" tonight at women's bible study. It starts at 6:00 because it is a 2-hour movie. We are having "build your own taco" night. Hope to see you there.

  5. love your sketches! i need to play 'catch up'....



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