02 March 2009

Wedding Pics :)

Okay lovelies, I am sooooo going to bombard you all with pictures from Adam and I's wedding day :) Jodie posted these on her website last night and gave me permission to post them on my blog :) Have I mentioned that I L-O-V-E her!! I do. So blessed!
Ok, these first pics are from the ceremony:

Catalina, my little flower girl 

Here are some group shots from after the ceremony:
My whole family:

All of the attendees:

Now comes my favorite pics, the ones that we took outside at an old abandoned hardware store and lumber yard:
My amazing parents:

My gorgeous sister:

Adam's awesome parents (who I am missing already :( )

My family pics:

My beautiful aunt and handsome SINGLE cousins (hint hint ladies):

Finally, my favorite pictures (obviously). Here are just a couple of the fabulous pictures of my new husband and I *sigh*

I love this one since I am such a Recycling Nerd:

And now, my all time favorite picture ever of Adam and I :) I love the number 2 in the background...so amazing because now, we are a family of 2.

Yay!!! I am in love with the pictures. What a blessing :) Considering I thought I would have none or a bunch taken by my parents who are known to forget to take the cap off the lens (Prom, high school graduation pics...hahaha). So, I guess today is the official end of my honeymoon, Adam is back to Kansas City early tomorrow morning :( We need major prayers for job opportunities in St. Louis for Adam so that he can mover here soooooon.
Now, count down to the cruise and wedding number 2!!!
I love all of you soooo much. I love the support and the comments that I recieve from all of you and all of the new friendships that the blog community brings. I feel like I have sooo many good friends on here (even if I haven't met most of you). You rock friends. Thank you for being part of my blog life!


  1. It was a beautiful wedding of two beautiful people. Catalina was so precious and lunch was amazing. We were all so blessed to have grandma there and her comic relief really added to the festivities...love you!

  2. These photographs are beautiful. I love all of the differant techniques and poses your photographer used.

  3. wow, you look amazing and so inlove. congrats!!!

    she did a great job..like always

  4. Wow!!! Those are sooo great! That one of you on the recycled lovelies is soooo beautiful!!!! Tho they are ALL so beautiful!!!! The one of you two by the '2' is fabulous too! And you and your sister look sooo much alike!!!! (I say that and then wonder if I'm making a stupid comment...are you twins???) All the different views and poses are so great. What great pictures to have from your day are such a treasure!!! Congrats!!!! :)

  5. congrats!!! beautiful pictures!!!!! am very happy for you, even if i've never met you! lol :-)

  6. I love love love the pics - my favs are the ones of nicole's feet and of the 2 of you (soo cute) and of course the ones of you and my bro!!! can't wait to give you a HUGE hug and sun with you.
    love you so much sis!

  7. Congrats on the wedding!!! All of your pictures look amazing and your ceremony was beautiful. I love Catalina. She is precious.

  8. beautiful pics janel! breathtaking!

    you should totally do the 365 challenge... i'm on day 2 and it's harder than i thought! ha ha!

  9. SOOOOOO B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!!

  10. you are too sweet on the comments!!

    Congrats again! These pictures are beautiful and so are you. Thanks for sharing your happy day with us!

    I agree with Jari...you should do the 365 with us!! It is a lot of fun.

  11. Amazing pics!!! You are so beautiful!!! SOOOO happy for you :)

  12. I love all your pics! Godd luck to your boyfriend for finding THE job near you!

  13. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love the picture of the two of you. wow.
    Congratulations. You look like such a beautiful couple.

  14. It was such a sweet and beautiful wedding. I cried through the whole thing! I LOVE your family. I want to move next door!! :)

    Love you!

  15. you looked so beautiful!! thanks for sharing the pics with us. the one with you and adam and the number two, just so perfect! your cousins are cute too!!


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