24 March 2009

Official Sparkler :D

Oh, I am an official Sparkler now!!
My bio was posted :D

I literally can NOT wait to see some of the awesome art that all of you will be creating for these challenges :) It will be such a great way to keep creativity involved in your life at least monthly. Trust me, I know how life can get sometimes. This way, you will have a monthly prompt to keep you going. Plus, you get to win prizes!!! How cool is that? I am all about crafty competition.
Hop over to the blog, become a follower, and on April 6, let the creativity begin!
Can you tell I am soooo excited about this?
Hahaahaha :D


  1. Love it!!! Your bio is great!!! How exciting! I'm going to become a follower of the blog now so I don't miss anything! ;)

  2. eeeee! how fun!!!

    kimi is going to be there and i think angela...

    it'll be my first time traveling alone - all the way from missoula mt! and i have a scentsy party in kansas city on that sunday so that should be interesting for me trying to get across a big ole city being the pilot and NOT the back seat driver! ha! my hubby says it'll be good for me! :D


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