06 March 2009

More projects started...

and waiting to be completed :)
Here is my next try with the felt family art: Which is better?

One is a light green and the other is like a turquoise....I need your help. I love this project, but it is stressing me out!!!
Next. my jersey scarf made from grey jersey and then an old T-shirt that I got in Reynosa <3

And now paintied pillow...I did nerd glasses with some rhinestone detail! All I need now is for my sewing machine to start working so I can sew it up!! Soooo loving this class :)

Also, I decided to come up with my own prompts for the rest of the sketch a day challenge. Miss Holly Sarah has bought herself a new salon and has a lot of stuff going on with that!! So excited about that for her! So here are my next couple of sketch prompts:

yay!!! I can not stop sketching :) I love having a place where I can create daily!!!


  1. I like the blue hearts the best. :)
    Great painted pillow too!
    yes... life took a busy turn for me, and my sketch a day kinda dwindled.. sorry! I hate not finishing something that I started but life happens I guess.

  2. I like the turquoise! The light green blends in with the dashes on the bottom right. Move my heart just a smidge more to the left - more in the middle of the rectangle part of the state...See you tonight wifey! I love you :)

  3. i like the blue hearts better myself! :)

  4. I like the turquoise hearts better.

    Good job on all your projects!

  5. I like the blue hearts better. It brings more focus to them. awesome nerd glasses on the pillow, super duper cute!
    and your sketches are awesome...jealous! Have a great Sunday!
    xoxo Kimi


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