08 March 2009

Moving in <3

**Today, the husband moved in :) I literally have 10 trash bags full of clothes (most brand new) that I am garage sale-ing so that I can make room for my boo in my closets and drawers. It actually feels really good to purge. Especially when you are doing so to make room for your husband!! We cleaned all day, organized all day, and our place is still pretty wrecked. The bedroom is clean...that is about it (hmmm....the bedroom was the room I was in charge of!! coincidence??) I loved it.
Today is also my parent's 36th wedding anniversary!! They are still so much in love and I am so happy for them and thankful to have them as role models. Leave them some comment love, they read the blog and will love it!!!
**Today, I finished two RVA class projects:
1. The pillow is done. This is my nerd glasses painted pillow with rhinestone detail...

2. My felt sunglasses case!! I think this is my favorite project so far!!! I love it! I think it turned out really cute too. The colors are a little funky from the lighting in my room but it is an orange case with magenta embroidered nerd glasses and turquoise detail and border! Favorite!

**Today, I have a new best friend:

Her name is Bernie :)
**Today was the first time that one of my pictures was chosen to be in Explore on Flickr! Wicked awesome :)

All in all, today was great!! I have seen a couple of sneak peaks from my craft swap friends and you should all be very excited!!! Oh my goodness we have some super talented blog friends :) Have a great rest of your night!!
Monday, bring it on sucka!


  1. when you say craft swap are you talking about the moleskin journal thats being swapped around?? If so I cant wait to see.

  2. I loved moving in with you. I can't wait to finish the job on Friday...or when we get back from the cruise...whatevs.


    p.s. What do you think about installing cabinets on the wall in the bedroom?? Perfect for more storage space! :)

  3. YAY!! So glad Adam is finally here with you....now we can double date :)

  4. Oh man, I haven't been over here in a while... I just spent waaay too long re-exploring! I am LOVING your RVA crafties! And the cupcakes, oh my! (I don't know if you read me consistently, but cupcakes are on my top , short list of passions!!)

    Thanks for the blog love, and CONGRATS on the marriage! You will have such a FUN tropical time next week!!! Good luck...


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