15 December 2009


Turquoise is the color of my 2009.
Do you ever find that sometimes you find yourself really drifting towards a certain color?
I find myself thrifting for vintage finds saying oh, if that were only turquoise!
Or, seeing clothes that I love but wishing they were turquoise.
painting walls turquoise
getting married in Cozumel so that I could be surrounded in turquoise
which led to a turquoise colored wedding
i love turquoise.
Now, mind you, I do not call it turquoise.
I call it Mexican Ocean Blue.
Mexico is where my love affair with this color began, thus, I re-named the color for my own sake.
Art teachers are allowed to make up colors right?
I even had a friend send me a tweet the other day with a link to an article saying that studies are showing that turquoise will be THE color of 2010.
I am soooo ahead of the times :)
So, if turquoise was my 2009 color, I wonder what the color of my 2010 will be??
In honor of my lovely color, I found these pics on weheartit to share with all of you.
You know, to get you all pumped up for 2010...

in love <3
So, what is your 2009 color? I
I am very serious, I want to know :)


  1. Gorgeous!!!! My color would definitely have to be turquoise too. I'm a bit obsessed. Now it's turning into gray with orange.

  2. PINK...yea..it's always PINK!! yea I even bought a pink frying pan, laptop is pink, toothbrush, car..(ok not my car...yet..a girl can dream right?) Love your post, and you!!! <3 The Pics, they are adorable!! I love the new name you dubbed on turquoise, it should be honored :)

  3. I absolutely love turquoise! And these photos too.

    There's just so many great colors out there!

  4. My 2009 color was sage green.

  5. this is totally my 2010 color love this post!

  6. Turquoise is THE color! uh :) it's so pretty, refreshing, calm... :)!!
    Great pics!

  7. Thanks for the blog inspiration!! My 2009 color was Purple!! my blog post ..

    I <3 mexican ocean blue!!

  8. Beautiful post with lots of pretty pictures! Thank you for sharing :) I am going to start thinking about the color I work a lot this year... Hm..

  9. Gorgeous pictures! love turqoise, it's such a pretty colour.

  10. turquoise is also my color, i cant seem to shake it. it might just have to be for another year!

  11. purrrrrple!
    i haven't decided yet!!!! i think plum purple though! :-)

  12. I call it "relient k shirt blue"... because in 11th grade I had a relient k concert tshirt in that color. It's wonderful.

  13. I love turquoise/aqua, or Lanikai Blue, as I like to call it! I think another favorite would have to be purple...and those two together are lovely. :o)

  14. I love turquoise too. I love all the photos too. Esp. those cool beds and those shoes. Accck.

  15. It is such a beautiful colour Janel. Is it the same as calling it Tiffany Blue? I love that colour. I have been looking for a pyrex in Tiffany Blue.
    My colour for next year is white. I have avoided it for a few years because of my little ones, but I think it's going to make a comeback in this house. I thrifted a white coat for next winter and I am going to try and knit a white sweater.

  16. sunshine yellow was my 2009 color, everything i own lately has been yellow or i have wished it was yellow :)

  17. my colour this year was definitely mustard yellow. Anything mustard yellow I gravitated towards. Everything is so pretty in that colour.

  18. I have been a green girl for a long time... but lately orange is winning :)

  19. Turquoise is such a pretty color! I can't have a color of the year. My favorite colors change with my moods!

  20. Oh, how I LOVE turquoise! It's the most cheerful & calming colour for me!And actually, PANTONE has unveils Color of the Year for 2010 & guess what....it's TURQUOISE!!! Check it out.

  21. Is teal the same color as torquoise? What is the birthstone for December? Whatever it is, I think that will be my favorite for this next year.

  22. i love those photos. i dunno what my color is.. probaably pink like always.

  23. Purple I think! My hair is orange so no reds - purple :)

    I love all those pictures!!! I do love teal!

  24. oh muh god so loving the teal! I've been wanting to paint my living room teal for sooo long


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