14 December 2009

rob ryan

Design Sponge featured a studio tour of Rob Ryan's this morning and I was beyond excited. It may or may not have even gotton another "Shut Up!"
Rob Ryan is an artist who inspires me so much!! I love his work so much and hope that someday I can own a piece or at least travel to England to see his shop in person :)
Here are the pics of his studio that were featured over here:

I love seeing other artist's studio spaces :) It is one of my favorite things.
Here are some of my most favorite Rob Ryan pieces:

Oh Rob Ryan...you are sooooo rad!

You can visit his blog here :)
and his Etsy shop here!
love love love <3


  1. oh i dont want to be a braggart but his studio is a 10 minute bus ride from my house! he is amazing. id love to send you a little package - we should do a little beated xmas swapsie!

  2. Love the post!! Awesome pictures, that studio is saaaweet!
    Love Love

  3. this is so inspiring! thanks for sharing with us. :)

  4. awesome!
    I would die if I could see his studio. He's def a top fave artist of mine as well. :) We have good taste.


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