02 December 2009


Looking back on November's Goals and checking them off my list <3

November Goals:
1. Finish the give-a-way quilt like tomorrow!!
2. Crochet an afghan (almost did this)!!
3. I took the Handmade pledge so I need to at least come up with an idea for all of the gifts that I am giving this year.
4. Finish ornaments for Kimi's ornament swap :)
5. Make birthday present for Adam and mom
6. switch my living room and craft spaces with each other (I think I changed my mind about this for now)
7. Make a Christmas wreath for Welcome space
8. paint two paintings
9. Read one book :)
10. leave lots of comments on my friend's blogs
11. Put up my Christmas tree
12. Get my December Daily journal ready
13. Be a blessing to others <3
14. Do the thankful 30 challenge :)

Wow, I feel like I did pretty stinkin good for November :) I still would like to have a month where I actually complete everything on my list you know :)

Now, here are my new goals for December:

I actually wrote all of these out in my journal last week so I have already started accomplishing some of these goals :)
December Goals:
1. have another Rad give-a-way (doing it)
2. Reach 240 followers on my blog (you can help with this one)

3. Make all, or buy hand-made Christmas presents
4. watch lots of Christmas movies
5. send out Christmas cards
6. Crochet a pair of granny square slippers
7. Start an advent calendar tradition with Adam
8. bake Christmas cookies
9. Work on creating a style file for all of my inspiration pics


  1. Wow! You did a good job on your November goals!!

  2. awesome, awesome, awesome job on completing most of your goals! i'm satisfied if i get one or two done!

  3. Can you add something to the list? Add "Teach Katie a couple things about blogspot."

    Also, Russ is making Christmas Cards (just posted ours as an example on my blog) if you want something different!

  4. I sucked so badly at my November goals so I didn't even post an update on that. ;) You rocked it, girl!

  5. you did way better on your november goals then i did. but i crossed a few off my list too. add something to your december goals like "hang out with angela my bestie more"

  6. P.S. Hottie McPrisonBreak is now on Law and Order, SVU.

  7. great list, this reminds me to actually go and look at my november goal list and see what i got accomplished! maybe i will make my december list a little shorter :)


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