23 December 2009


My camera is charged finally after about 2 weeks :) My sweet dad let me borrow his charger so I am warning you now, this post will be image heavy :D
First off, I want to give a huuuuuge thank you to this lovely friend of mine, Jenny

Not only is she an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful friend, she is also the world's greatest Secret Santa!
I am in heaven :)

I mean, best presents ever?? I think so :)
The funny thing is that I got Jenny for secret santa so I hope she loves my gifts as much as I love hers. I didn't take a picture, and she's in Maui so Im not sure if she has gotton yet so I will share after I have confirmation from her:)
And another quick thank you to the lovely Danielle :) I recieved my wonderful giveaway win from her earlier this week and it made my day:

Ok, on to decor:
Tree number one (traditional with all of our sentimental ornaments from childhood, travels, and other stuff. I did hand knit the garland and did a paper chain garland on this tree too!

Tree number two (vintage) this is an awesome vintage treasure that my mom gave to me right after college. It is a vintage aluminum tree with a handmade garland from my bestie, Angela and pink shiny brites.

and tree number three (turquoise mini tree). This tree is full of ornaments from all of my crafty friends that were sent to me :) I love them so much:

** My vintage ornament collection

** crocheted garland that I made to hang my Christmas cards on:

I am keeping this up year round to hang my instax minis on :)
** our advent calendar and handmade fabric trees:

** my nativity scene:

do you like how I bought a pregnant woman figurine as well so that Mary can be pregnant until Christmas? I looooove it <3
Now, here are some things that I have been up to lately:
** Rearranging my crafty space :)

I change this little shelf a lot. I am starting to think of it more as another little inspiration area that I can change up :)
** crocheting a TON

I wrapped everything that I have made or I sent it out without taking pictures :( I need to get better at that.
** sorting tons of buttons:

which I have found to be a really relaxing task!
Today will consist of:
* cleaning
* loads of laundry
* waiting for UPS
* wrapping
* going to get fun stocking stuffers for my man :)
* listen to the rain
* hang out with my parents
* bake brownies
What a very fun first day of winter vacation.
Praise the Lord for all of these blessings :)


  1. Ok, seriously looove pregnant Mary! That is brilliant! I would never have thought of that!

    Awesome gifts! Awesome trees! Awesome pics!!!! =)

    I love your card garland too and how you hung your cards over it. I wouldn't have thought of that either, lol.

    Happy day to you!!!! Love you!!!!
    xoxo -j

  2. WOW! Toms for Christmas from you secret santa is a mighty awesome gift! I want those too :D I LOVE your garland with your cards hanging. I may have to copy that. Also LOVE your "inspiration" shelf. It's so colorful and AWESOME!!!

  3. this post is awesome--your house makes me soooooooo happy! i want to move myself right in!

    hugs and more hugs.

  4. I collect Willow trees too! Love all your decor! buttons, buttons buttons!! LOVE <3

  5. I see a familiar card hanging up there... hehe.
    Seriously, lol when I saw prego Mary... only you!! That is exactly why I love you to pieces!!

  6. i am so excited right now! i love your decor.. i love your mary... i love your toms.. everything..

  7. what a bunch of happiness!

    I want that nativity scene~

    Hello Kitty pillow seriously :) makes me happy

  8. Your trees are awesome! and pregnant Mary? What a perfect idea!! Your home is so cute!

  9. i love all of your christmas trees--your house is so full of christmas spirit!

    awesome secret santa presents--it's definitely a holly, jolly christmas for you!!

  10. 1. i love all the trees. i have about 3 in my home also and i wanted more.
    2. your craft space is looking fab. your plushie i love hand made was totally a fav pic way before i met you. i'm so happy about that.
    3. i love you so much!


  11. love all the pics.....love the 3 Christmas trees and the handmade garland on which to hang your Christmas cards....you are so crafty!

  12. What a wonderful blog! You are such a creative person. I'm so happy to have found your site. I can't wait to see what you post next.

  13. Oh my goodness, I didn't know YOU were my secret santa as well?! Yay!!! I'm sooooo glad you like your gift! Indie helped me out with it :)

    I love you so much, my darling. Merry Xmas! xxo

  14. What a happy home you and Adam have. Lets leave here at 1:oo for Holmes.Blessed Christmas. KAB


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