08 December 2009


This is my grandma's necklace and I love it. I wore it tonight to my her funeral. It was amazing. It was upbeat, touching, and a complete celebration of my grandma's life. I loved it.

I crocheted these lovely arm warmers today between writing a eulogy and cutting out prayer cards :) I love them!

I crocheted this pretty pink scarf on the drive home from Springfield Sunday. This is going to be a Christmas present for one special lady that I know :)

This is a secret present for a very special friend of mine. Shhhhhhhh!

I made an entire month of fun holiday activities and treats for Adam in our advent calendar. Yesterdays, activity was to drop what we are doing and create an ornament together with things around the house. We had soooo much fun making this 3-D Christmas tress with cardboars, deco tape, and buttons. My husband is tooooo cute!

and speaking of deco tape. This is how I am wrapping my gifts this year; kraft paper with deco taped bows! I was going to make pom poms for them all but after that wreath I don't' want to make pom pons for a loooooong time :) Well, at least until I get that cute gadget that Jamie and Elsie have.
** A big thank you to all of the positive thoughts sent my way today. Tonight was so sad but I am completely at peace :)
I love you all of you!!! like for reals <3


  1. you are so creative!! I love the way you are wrapping your presents this year!! great idea! Love Love

  2. all of your creations are beautiful!

    i'm glad your grandma's funeral left you with a complete feeling, and i'm glad that it represented her so well (from the way you've described her). tons of positive and happy thoughts are coming your way from a freezing hotel lobby in nixa :).

  3. Myyy-lanta, I love that tree you two made! super cute! I'm glad you're feeling at peace. I'm pretty sure your grandma is pretty proud of you. ;) Love you! xoxo

  4. you are flippin fantastic :]
    we need to write a crochet book.
    true story.

    pea.ess. I miss yo face!

  5. oh janel you are so inspireing! i love lvoe love it! im so sad about your granny but you have the best attitude ever! i love reading your blog everyday and hope taht one day ill get to where i will blog everyday and people will look forward to reading mine like i do for yours!!!
    love love love you

  6. so glad to hear you celebrated your grandma today at her funeral. we did the same thing with my mom. it was a bittersweet beautiful thing.

    i have that owl necklace! it must be older than i thought! i love it!

    and i love all of the xmas gifts you are working on!!!!

  7. super cute! You can make a pom pom maker out of card board if you want I can show you!

    sending happy thoughts to you and your family

  8. Ha! I'm almost done with my pom-pom wreath (finally)!

    Love the 3D tree you made. soooo cutesie!

    I'm loving all the crochet... guess what all the girls in my family are getting for Christmas... yep, scarfs. lol.

    You were in my thoughts and prayers all day today.

    P.S. I like Jamie's Myyyy-lanta... I think she took it to another level. Love her!!


  9. You did a great job writing the eulogy. It was a fitting tribute from a creative person!

  10. i HAVE your grandma's necklace. my best friend thrifted it and gave it to me several xmas's ago. i've been wearing it a lot lately.

    your arm warmers are lovely. i have been trying to make myself satisfactory arm warmers with no luck.


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