09 December 2009

2010 crafty to-do list

Vivianna, my favorite robot, asked today on her blog, "What is on your list of crafty things to do in 2010?"
Although, I am sure that this list will expand with the trends and other obsessions that will most definitely come, I have compiled a list of some must-do's for next year :)
1. I want to complete at least 4 quilts (one for each season)

2. I want to learn how to make pretty aprons

3. I want to make some sort of bunting to hang in my home (most likely out of vintage fabrics or felt)

4. I want to complete a paint by number painting by myself :)

5. Crochet a pair of granny slippers correctly (Ive done then once and they aren't too cute)

6. I want to do something with my wedding pictures (scrapbook maybe? idk!)
Ok, so that is all I have for right now :) Like I said before, I am sure that there will be more to add to the list as time goes by but I am really excited to try all of these things out!! I will definitely keep you all posted during throughout my progress :)


  1. good list!! I want to learn quiltmaking! Maybe I will since I just got a sewing machine!

  2. this is a great to-d list! I really want to learn how to sew
    love you

  3. i've made a bunting/triangle garland thing for my living room. its made with vintage fabric and felt. its got a lovely nautical feel. i love it, but not as much as i love you...lol

  4. love your list, i have some similar wants for the new year!

    make a quilt! start with a simple square quilt, they are so easy, once you learn youll be hooked!

    yeah for new crafting endevours!

  5. janel, did i answer you about the treasury question? so sorry if i didnt...

  6. Um hi, let's be friends. I love your bllllooog.

    Whoop for style school, I can't wait for it to start. Can you? I behind on my homework. Shame on me!

    Sarah Ann

  7. Love your list!! I want to learn how to make aprons too!!! :-) Great minds, yeah?!?!

  8. my mouth is watering for that tutu!


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