07 December 2009

a holy cute weekend <3

My LEAST favorite blog posts to write are the ones where I have to try and express things that were beyond Amazing. I know that I can never do it justice with my words and it stresses me out :)
That would be this past weekend :)
So, I am going to use few words, and let the photos do the expressing for me :)
**Here are a few of the amazing people that I was blessed to spend time with this weekend:

** Here are some pics of all of the crafty amazingness that was had:

** Pics from Jeremy Larson's show:

** And here are just some really fun memories from the weekend <3 :

** My treasures from the weekend:

So, in conclusion, this past weekend was amazing. I absolutely adore each and every one of the people in these pics who I was able to meet. Having time to craft and be creative with other creative souls is just sooooo much fun and amazing. I feel like I have made tons of friends for LIFE and I couldn't be happier about that.
Thank you so much to Jamie for putting this weekend together (now get started on the next one :) LOL!)
Big thanks to Jamie and Jenn and Nicole for some of the pics in this post too!!
Thank you Will for the awesome snowflakes and the special treats.
Thank you Erin for the amazing headress :) Im wearing it now :)
Thank you Angela for not punching me when I found the awesome thermos first (lol!)
And thank you Kat for being one of my most favorite crafting inspirations and being sooooo cool in real life :)
Finally, thank you to everyone for the best weekend, friendships, memories, and more <3
I stinking LOVE all of you!


  1. my sad face :(

    hopefully i get to meet all you lovelies soon.

  2. I know I have not been around so much--I wanted to tell you I miss you and I love you more. lets stay in touch a lot more often

  3. Aw! It looks like you guys had SO much fun!! What a magical weekend.

  4. This post made me cry (ya big bully, lol). No seriously, what an amazing weekend!! I loves you Janel!! And all the new BBFFs!!
    xoxoxoxo forever!!

  5. wow it looks like you all had an amazing time together! I would love to do something like that someday! I bet it would be very inspiring!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! friends are the best. :o) I just wanted to stop by AGAIN and tell you how much I love the quilt. It is ah-mazing.


  7. Awwww how fun!! I wanna live in MO! ;)not really lol I love the warm FL sunshine, but MO is like the craft Mecca! It's awesome!!

  8. Your weekend looks like so much fun! I wish I could see the store.
    Sometimes when I look at you and your sister, I can't figure out which one you are! You could be twins.
    Such a great weekend for you and fantastic treasure. I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  9. wow what a great looking weekend!


  10. What fun! My dream is to join you gals someday. :)

  11. okay, so i am kicking life for me not being able to hang out with you guys--it looks like it was so much fun. all of the pictures are adorable! and in case jamie reads your comments, ummmmmmm another weekend like that totally needs to happen soon, and i will be there or be dead. girl scouts honor.

  12. i'm so excited still from meeting everyone. your pics really do speak volumes on how much fun we had. can't wait to do it again

  13. Im glad you and your sister had the special weekend together. See you 12:30 tomorrow. Love KAB

  14. You are welcome!! I am really happy you love it! I can't wait to visit you soon! :)

  15. So glad i got to meet you! Great photos too! I didn't hardly take any at all.....

    I'll be moving closer soon so maybe we can hang out more!

  16. Looks like you had a crafty, fun weekend.

  17. i can officially say that i'm glad i live near springfield after spending the day with you girls.
    and i also realized how sad i'm going to be when i go to southeast next fall :(((
    BUT: it will make weekends like this much more special!
    let's plan these more often!
    plus! its not like you live forever away from me, anyways. lets hang out all the time! :D
    p.s. check myy blog now, blog stalker. :]


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