12 December 2009

...you stand in verdant beauty

Im pretty sure that I have said it before but I have always put up my parent's Christmas tree. Obviously, when my sister and I were young we all did it together as a family. I would say that I probably took over at around the age of 13-ish.
I have a certain song that I listen to on repeat and everything when I do it. It's tradition.
This year, I put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving. We used one of the vintage aluminum trees with a color wheel and a 100 pack of ornaments that were picked up at Target after Christmas...lovely :)
Which brings me to this morning :)
Today, btw, was Adam's first time working Saturdays which he will probably have to do for a very very long time...not cool. I woke up around 5-ish and stayed awake until Adam left for work around 7-ish and then fell back to sleep until around 11-ish...nice!
I checked my phone and had an urgent message from my mom.
It was a Christmas Tree emergency SOS.
While "fluffing up" the tree skirt, my mom knocked the tree over...
shattered ornaments everywhere
tree branches askew...
they need a professional...me!
It was most definitely a sight to see and I wish I would have taken a picture!
It looked like Charlie Brown's tree. The mess was all cleaned up but the pole had only a few branches in and there were only about 5 ornaments still on the tree.
I put in the CD.
30 minutes later the tree was back in business. I fluffed the tree skirt, put all of the presents under it, and turned on the color wheel.
The tree was looking very good but a little bare since there were only about 30 out of the 100 ornaments left that survived the crash of '09.
I decided to go and chill out in one of the spare bedrooms and read some blogs when not 10 minutes later I hear, "no, No, NOOOOOO!"
You could hear the ornaments shattering.
My mom wanted to put the left over hooks from the broken ornaments under the tree so she would remember where they were and knocked over the tree AGAIN.
I'm shaking my head again as I write this.
I walked in the living room to this...

are you a joke?
we were both wanting to cry, but we didn't.
She felt soooo bad and all I could do was put the CD on again, and re-put the tree up.
I guess it's pay back for all of the expensive antique ornaments we broke as kids.
She literally only has about 15 ornaments left on her tree right now :)
Now, I am laughing :)
Hopefully, the third time's a charm...
Tonight equals paper snowflakes, more paper chains, two quilts to bind, and secret husband presents to wrap....I think I need some apple cider ASAP.
Tomorrow I will have lots of pretty pics to share of more of our holiday decor happening here.
loooove you lots <3


  1. You are such a great writer. you managed to put a smile on my face. I love and appreciate you so much.. KAB

  2. Oh no!! Haha, I look forward to the new pictures.

  3. You win an award for making me make so many different faces on one post! This post made me smile, laugh and go awwww *sad face* all within 30 seconds! It's almost like you want to cry and laugh at the same time. Thanks for adding my button and following my blog!! Loves <3

  4. what a disaster...i would have cried too. hope the christmas spirit survives well after the tree falling. eeek!

  5. ooooh! poor tree!! You are the tree doctor!

  6. :0)

    BTW, you win the prize for the most adorable Christmas card ever!

  7. Aw!! That so sounds like something my mom would do!! The pictures made me giggle!! I love decorating for christmas!! So much fun!

  8. Great job babe! Who knew when I was working on Saturday you would be busy as your super hero alter ego, "Christmas Tree Maker"! Love you :)

  9. oh no! that's worse than our Christmas Tree Fall! I hope it stays up this time!!!

  10. Tell your mom to stop touching the tree, before she has nothing left!


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