01 December 2009

style file <3

I have been collecting soooo much inspiration over the past couple years and I finally have a place to stash it :)
Meet my style file:

Style School hasn't even started yet and I am completely inspired and focused and more aware of my style. I love it!! If you haven't signed up yet, you totally should. I have since added more color, text and embellishments to my pages that are pictured since from when I photographed them. I am in love with my style file :)
Oh, and speaking of things that I am in love with...here are my TOMS that I drew on :)
love them :)

BTW- Happy December!!


  1. JANEL! You're nuts! These are SOO good! Way to go on getting such a great start! I have a little on some pages and a lot on others!

    By. The. Way. I TOTALLY found a picture online of some canvas mary janes drawn like woodgrain and I pulled it onto my desktop so I could do it to a pair of keds!!! We are so alike. <3

  2. love the shoes! very cute!

    and your style pages are really pretty. as always!

  3. Holy wow, girl!!! That is looking awesome & amazing!!! I think I saw a certain tweet that you are bringing it this weekend and I must thumb thru and hold it. =)
    Loove the shoes!!! xo

  4. Oh my gosh, Janel! You are an animal. I can't believe how far you got on this already! My daughter is taking this class too. :o)

    I love that you included the wall Christmas tree made out of boards on one of your pages. I had seen that on another blog and loved it!

  5. whoa !
    what an amazing inspiration book !

    i need to do something like that for school ( textile designer ) but also for my everyday life !

  6. love the shoes!

    Happy December to you!


  7. Where do you get the time to do all of these!!! Pretty nice!

  8. Looooove the pages! I think you're gonna need to upgrade to a D-ring folder, though! I'll be right there with you! You've really found some beauties - thanx for sharing! Have sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with The Girls this weekend! Y'all need to take lots o' photos and post,post,post! :)


  9. Oh...those shoes are adorabale.
    I can't wait to start my style file!! I need to get more ink for my printer first!!! Yours looks great!

  10. I love your file. I need to get started on mine ASAP. Great inspiration.


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