28 December 2009


Today was so much fun and exactly what the doctor ordered to get my creativity flowing again :)
My aunt was wanting my sister and I to teach her how to make stamped silver jewelry so that she could make a present.
My sister and I had taken some classes at a local jewelry store, Glasshopper, and were more than excited to go back and use the studio.
I'm not sure if you have ever heard of Beth Moore.
Our ladies group at church always does her Bible Studies. We love her.
Anyway, Beth Moore had a challenge on her blog where she challenged people to do 2 scripture memory verses a month for a year. I, unfortunately, failed the challenge but my aunt and Janet rocked it :)
Sooooo, my aunt wanted to make Beth a necklace with all of the verses that she memorized this year.
Here is the final product:

I l-o-v-e it soooo much!
I also made some really neat bracelets while I was there too!
1. First, I stamped a couple of stars in a corner and stamped the word create into a piece of sterling silver

2. Next, I punched holes on each side of the silver to create an ID bracelet look.

3. Step three required a lot of filing to get all of the edges rounded and smooth.
(My aunt and Nicole doing this with the necklace)

4. Next, I mixed up some liver of sulfur to soak the silver in. This gives the silver a patina look once it's polished.
After your rinse the pieces of silver, it leaves it looking black!

5. Finally, you buff, buff, buff with three different types of buffing pads...

I also made silver jump rings, and bought a really cute chain to finish off the ID bracelets. I have four of them and I am hoping to get these for sale soon.
I loooove mine!!!
In other news, I cleaned like a mad woman today, All Christmas decorations are officially down and put away. I also did a little re-arranging in the house today.
Here are a few pictures from some of my favorite spots in the house:

I think that everyone who has an instax mini should send me a pic of themselves so that I can add it to my polaroid garland here <3

Isn't my new welcome mat sooo cute!! My sister gave it to me for Christmas and it is completely made out of recycled flip-flops. How rad is that?!
I am just loving my Christmas break so much. The snow has melted already, and I am thankful for that :D Im sooo ready for Spring!!
Happy Monday


  1. Lucky you! Here in Manitoba Canada we won't get spring for a until at least April. Boo!
    Your I'd bracelets are awesome
    my bible study group is going to be doing a Beth Moore series next. So excited!!!!!

  2. I love your gold toms!
    i love beth moore! ive taken a couple of her bible studies thats shes had and saw her at passion conference and she rocks!
    I love the scripture idea! smart! thats a good way to keep it around and share with others:)

  3. I love your bracelet and the necklace your Aunt made for Beth. We went and saw her live in New Orleans last year, she's awesome. I've taken 5 of her studies and love them. She is an awesome women with a gift.

    I wish I knew how to stamp metal like this.

    Great photos on the blog.

  4. That is a pretty good blog banner...

  5. Awesome stuff!!!! Such beautiful little set-ups in your home!!!! And I'm seriously in loooove with your new blog banner!!!! Is that the one you won???? Sweeeeet!!!!

  6. Your new banner is so radical. Isn't it amazing how he totally captured you through images. And that button...love how it's raining scissors. Janelly-belly your blog truly inspires me to find my creative gene again. I think it's been deactivated. Keep up the great work and continue to "CREATE."

  7. wow that is a super awesome welcome mat!!! BTW where did you get that yellow cubby? I am in love...... :D

  8. Awww, love the silver!!
    I see sissy!! hehe
    I miss you tons!! xoxo

  9. i want to learn how to stamp silver so bad, how fun! love the pieces you made!

    that is an awesome welcome matt, what a cool idea! and glad to see your new toms!

    and i love your new banner!!!


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