02 December 2009

more style file

Since I had about 400 more images in my "inspiration folder" on my desktop, I figured it would be better if I started printing pics as pages in photoshop instead of individually. Hello less ink!
Here are a couple of pages that I did tonight for my Style File:

I did some others on my other computer so I can maybe post some of those tomorrow :) I am obsessed with this style file!!!
Feel free to click on my pics to enlarge and print them out for your own style file :)
love love love <3
Is anyone else here taking Style School with me??


  1. fellow style school student right here--just signed up today. sooooo excited!

    love these new pages! i'm working on finding pictures (though i'm sure i'll end up with too much rather than too many).

  2. yay, great inspiration you have there <3 my style file is still waiting for me to get pretty -.-* but you know... work, blogging, a bit crafting... all that just steals my time. but i will definitely start making it very very pretty on friday :D

  3. Oh I want to do style school so bad... No extra money though :( praise Jesus that the hubby finally got a job!! :) maybe next time. I'm enjoying your pictures though! Keep them coming please!! :D


  4. me too J!
    I can't wait!
    Your pages are lovely. :)))

  5. Wow! Your pages look amazing! I'm feeling super inspired to start mine straight away!! xKelly

  6. I am taking the class and I have yet to start my style file but yours are fabulous and oh so inspiring.

  7. I've been printing pictures like a madwoman lately getting all ready to put together my style file.

    I too am completely obsessed!

  8. oh, i love it! i might have to copy this idea, its great! im about to start saving away! so fun to be doing this with all of my fellow blog friends, i love the community feel of this class! keep sharing!

  9. I have a lot af the pictures you have in my inspiration box!! I haven't started my stylefile though, but there is still some time, right! I'm organizing everything on my computer first.

  10. you're a MAD woman! I'm scanning my pages as soon as I'm done writing this comment. :) And then I'm going to blog about it!

    byyyyy the way.
    1. I never got my painting in the mail and I'm only telling you this in case you sent it and it got lost somewhere! :\ If you haven't sent it yet, I totally understand. I just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost!

    2. I have something that I want to send you so could you pretty please send me your address again!? AH! You're going to love them though I think. Hint: I'm going to blog about it soon so stay tuned!

  11. I'm in too! I LOVE your style file Janel! I can't wait to start mine. (I'm currently putting together my RVA advent calendar and keeping up with my December Daily.)

  12. i am i am i am!!! i am so excited for style school! finally school that i look forward to! :)

    love your pages i have some of the same things in my inspiration folder!


  13. signed up last night! I can't wait! Its going to make January that much more exciting.

    Sooo...I got a box today, I opened that box and found the MOST beautiful quilt EVER! I love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much Janel. The extra goodies are awesome too. You are so talented and so inspiring! :o)

    thank you thank you thank you!


  14. I am ! Soooo looking forward to it! XO.

  15. OK I want to put my style file in that format but I am slightly dumb with photoshop. Is there anyway you could tell me how to create a grid?
    My email is www.swoonphotography.ca I know I know I should know how to do it, but I don't:(

  16. I need to know which blogs everyone is so i can follow them. Thanks- n


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