18 December 2009


The fact that it is Friday makes me exceptionally happy :)
So, the other day as I was cleaning out my parent's utility room I stumbled across a box full of my old stuff. It was really fun going through everything.
Strawberry shortcake figurines
Rainbow Brite dolls
Cabbage Patch Kids
My Barbie dream mansion (which I am going to re-build btw)
Alice and Wonderland tea-set
oh so much
I also found this:

This is a pillow that I made in third grade.
Adam thinks it is sooo funny that I have the same style that I did in third grade.
I mean, a unicorn with a bow on it's horn!
I still love unicorns and everything that I draw has a bow on it's head somewhere :)
It doesn't get any cooler than that my friends.
I personally think it's funny that I could make french knots in thrid grade but can't seem to do it as a 29 year old.
p.s. all I want for Christmas is 300 blog followers :) Im at 275, do you think I can do it??
Help me do it and I will love you for always <3 <3 <3


  1. Ah! That pillow is so cute!! <3 I love the bow on the unicorn's horn :)

  2. haha I love your picture!!! you are the cutest! I went through my old toys a few weeks ago and found a tea set, cabbage patch dolls and a Fival, little foot, minnie mouse. I think I did a post about it a month ago.. brb going to get the link. ok im back.. http://bearypixie.blogspot.com/2009/11/taking-trip-down-memory-lane.html

    I didnt take a pic of the other toys bc I was too excited about my old cabbage patch dolls.

    Love the unicorn with the bow, that is too awesome you made that in the 3rd grade!!! I was still drawing stick figures in the 3rd grade... LOL
    loooovvvveeeee youuuU!!

  3. your pillow is adorable! i love going through old stuff and realizing that i basically havent changed.

    i hope you get your 300 followers!

  4. that pillow is epic and cute and i love the wings on the unicorn probably my favorite part. :)

  5. Now you're at 277!


  6. Hey Janel! Could you email me your address so I can send you a Christmas card? Thanks!

  7. Love your pic and loooove the pillow! I think that's so great that your style hasn't changed!

    I awarded you a little award over on my bloggity blog. ;)


  8. LOL I saw your photo and you made me smile, thank you. I needed that. I love your post and your pillow, it's great to find things we love.

  9. omg i'm obsessed with that pillow. better than some of the sh*t i make today.


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