31 December 2009


I hope that everyone has a special New Year's Eve tonight.
Make memories with people that you love.
I think I am officially old.
For New Year's Eve Adam, Catalina, and I are at my parent's house for dinner. We just watched Up together (I'm not sure how it's possible for that movie to get even more magical each time I see it, but it does).
I am going to be crocheting my way to 2010, those are my plans :)

Also, I am declaring 2010...The year of the sewing machine!!

At least for me it will be :)
I am hoping to experiment more with my machine and use it with all types of mediums to create beautiful things :) First, I have to get it fixed though!

I saw this picture on Chelsey's blog and I love it so much. I believe it for sure :)
Thank you all so much for an amazing year of friendship and love <3
2009...signing off!!
p.s. it's also going to be the year of the Polaroid too!!
p.s.s 2 more followers by midnight and a give-a-way will be here tomorrow!! we shall see :)


  1. yay I just bought some yarn and im going to do some finger-knitting!! I hope to learn how to use my sewing machine by the end of the weekend!! love you!!

  2. i love that wool ease yarn... i just discovered it this year and it's like... how did i live with out you? lol
    happy new year!!

  3. You're so cool! ;) I wish we were hanging out tonite and crocheting together! Instead, I must play board games and have a pj party with hubby, Dan, Katie & kids!

  4. happy new year!

  5. After all this time, a bearded fella figured out how come I could not get your feed on my google reader and now I have your feed on my google reader, YAY!

    Happy New Year!



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