25 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

This morning we woke up to a white Christmas :) Although I don't like snow very much, it was nice and as long as it is all melted by tommorow, It will all be good :) ha!!
Last night we had the Barnholtz Family Christmas at my sister and her husband's house. They did such a great job hosting, as usual :) We had a wii tennis and bowling tournament which was really fun too. Here are some pictorial highlights from the night:

Did you see my brother-in-law's amazing wrap job? love it!
And here are some pics from Christmas Morning with our little family :)
We opened presents and stockings in front of the good 'ole Yule Log :)

**My sweetie pie, Catalina, got a new bed, (which I saw her sleeping in, with wrapping paper and a bow in it btw at 3 in the morning).

**Adam and some of his gifts:

Some of my pretty presents from Adam <3:

ummm YES that is a special edition Rob Ryan original laser cut!!
favorite :)
This is how much my man knows me...as I was opening my stocking I unwrapped a pack of Uniball Signo pens in black, bold tipped. I literally started crying. How neat is it that Adam knows that that is my favorite type of pen without me even ever telling him that. I love that he knows me so well. He couldn't believe that I cried over pens, neither can I really :)
** We were able to Skype with Adam's family this morning which was really nice :)

And now we are heading to my parents house to do one of our ONLY holiday traditions. Every year on Christmas day (well, only for the last 3 years really) we go to the movies with our whole family. Today it is Sherlock Holmes.
Merry Christmas Friends!!!
Happy Birthday Jesus :)


  1. hey!! the last 3 or 4 years that has been our tradition to go to the movies too!!! that is so awesome that you do it!!! i don't know many people who do :)

    we were planning on chipmunks or sherlock holmes, but neither are playing at the only theatre that is open today!

  2. your family looks like a lot of fun...cant wait to come visit you. hope you had an amazing christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas! Glad you had a great one!!! LOVEEEEEEEE

  4. Happy merry Chistmas. The family movie thing is so great. My dad hasn´t been to the movies since 20 years.
    Great husband gifts that you got. Why not cry about pens and that Adam knows you and your wishes so well.

    Everyone likes to have such a husband.
    I wish you a great time with good food, family, laugther and peace.

    Here has nearly every single snowflake melted away. Little sad about it.


  5. Merry Christmas to you, too. Hope you had a good one!

    P.S..We need to do our game night -toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, etc. Let me know which evenings work best for you!

  6. 1. The idea of turning embroidery rings into room decoration is such a creative idea!
    2. I looove the owl dolls! May I copy and save it in my computer? It inspires me to sew my own...
    ^o^ thanks!

  7. ohmygoodness! a rob ryan original? so so very jealous :)

  8. looks like you had a lovely Christmas!

  9. rob ryan, just like you always wanted!! that is so amazing...you are truly blessed!! oh and reallllly lucky (hello tree TREE and skunboy owls...LOVE!)


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