19 December 2009

2009 review- Part Two

* Seeing Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters in Pennsylvania

* Hershey World. yummmmm

* Finally seeing Eric Carle's museum...I love him so much

* Our two week stay with the MacLean's in Massachusetts...sooooo much fun!

* Niagra Falls!

* Bridal showers for my sister!!!

* welcoming my favorite season with a pretty painting

* the granny square drama that took over my life :)

* hanging out with these "nerds" at the Nerd Party :)

* a super fun Bachelorette weekend in Kansas City

* my beautiful sister got married!!!!

* Adam's first Halloween like ever!

* obsessed with my Autumn journal

* new phone...finally!

* Adam's whole family coming down to visit for his birthday

* decorating for the holidays

* building magical forts

* a completely handmade holday...decor and presents

The BEST crafty weekend EVER with tooooons of new blog friends!!! Amazing :)

**Ok, that is my 2009 year in review. It was a great year! Super great year ;) I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring!!


  1. Your autumn album is AMAZING! Hope next year is just as awesome for you! Lovesss

  2. WOW that journal is amazing! I really want one like that - my dreeeaaam! Also loving your Month Headers.

    What font did you use?

    (sorry, but of a font freak hehe) xo

  3. hey tegan!
    it's called pee pants :)
    do you have any cool fonts favorites for me??
    thanks love!

  4. Your year was packed full of so many wonderful blessings - glad to read all about them. We love you!
    The message below is from my grandson:

    we can play! from jake

  5. looovee!

    next year, i'll be in one of your photos. mark my WORDS!! :)

  6. you are all beautiful nerds :-) and your autumn journal looks amazingly pretty!

  7. You are so talented and cute! Looks like you had a super 2009. Hope you have an even better 2010!


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