13 December 2009

a handmade holiday

(image from weheartit)
First off, before I type anything else, I wanted to say Happy Hanukkah to all my friends who are celebrating :)
And now...on to the post:
I can officially say that every gift that I am giving this year was either handmade by me or bought from Etsy or my friend's online shops (which means that they were handmade by someone else).
I am really excited about it.
I am one of those people who would rather give a gift that I really put my heart into. That's how I roll.
Here are some of the recent gifts that I have made: (I am apologizing in advance for the low-quality pictures. The camera phone is all I have charged at the moment :D)
* quilt number one:

* quilt number two:

(this is actually a quilt top that my sister had made in college for a fibers class and then threw away. I am adding to it, backing and binding it).
* an i-phone cozy that I adapted from Elsie's tutorial here:

I may have to make more of these <3
Okay, that is a little peak into all of the handmade goodies that I will be giving this year!
As you can see, my work spaces are a disaster

I have also decided to decorate my home this year with mostly hand-made goodies as well. I can honestly say that I have not bought any Christmas decorations this year, just used things that we already had around the house. I am only going to show you the things that I haven't already posted this season:)
* snowflakes and paper chains throughout the living room

* Entry way decor

* antique ornaments in vintage pyrex

* and finally, here are my wrapped presents thus far courtesy of craft paper and deco tape <3

Ok, I have a little more to do before I can say that I am completely DONE plus, Adam and I are watching Christmas Vacation tonight (one of my favorite Christmas movies ever). I am very excited about that.
Oh and a last minute request- Adam goes to the cardiologist Tuesday and we are really hoping that they recommend surgery ASAP. He had to call 911 again this week to stop and re-start his heart :( Prayers and happy thoughts are appreciated :)
happy sunday


  1. First I would like to say you did an awesome job decorating and wrapping those gifts! Now can you come do mine? lol That deco tape is adorable. I'll be praying for Adam, that must be horrifying to go through, let me know the results.

  2. Looove the bear hats with the sign! Too adorable!!!!
    I can't ever seem to bring myself to pay for holiday decorations...I always say I'm going to wait until afterwards and get them on clearance for next year. (but never do) So I'm loving all my paper chains and snowflakes! And they can stay up all Winter long!!! Your home looks beautiful!!!! Love the gift wrapping! I'll be praying for Adam. Keep me posted!

  3. oh and P.S I love the owl cozy...wish I could knit to make myself one :)

  4. I would L-O-V-E to do a trade with you! For some reason the garland looks pink but its actually maroon. Ill go get some yarn to make you a pink one. Do you want a dark or light pink? How long do you want it? I absolutely LOVE making them so I'll do as long as you want! The owl cozy would be cute in brown with a pink bow! Also, I told my mom what you said and she was tickled to death!! Love Love

  5. love to you both! misssssss.....

  6. You should come decorate my place for Christmas. My place is a disaster this year! I'm the worst when it comes to decorating a place! haha And your owl cozy is cute! I made one too! I posted mine on my blog. I keep pulling my phone out of my purse just to look at it. It makes me smile! :)

  7. Did you want one really really long one or 3 seperate ones (just saw Elsie's pic) going 2 the store in the am to get it! want me to picture text you with the colors I see? If so just email or direct msg me through Twitter with your number.

  8. everything is very cute! Lots of prayers for your husband and you :)


  9. Love your hand made decorations and your hand made gifts - you are incredible.
    Yes, we will definitely be praying!

  10. You can count on more prayers from me! Loooooove yooor decor, wrap and owl guy! Girl, are you Wonder Woman in hiding?!

  11. everything is wonderful! i found your blog via sometimes sweet. you have a cute doggie! :)

  12. Your Christmas presents are gorgeously wrapped. I did the handmade Christmas thing last year, but this year my sewing machine is dead.

  13. Beautiful Janel. Just beautiful.
    The home sweet home sign is amazing. I love it.
    It is so special when you make things by hand. Nothing beats it.
    PS - good luck Adam!

  14. I love how you have the welcome in the polaroids - it looks really pretty and your presents look amazing!!

    You and your family will be in my thoughts xx

  15. cute iPhone cosie...and congratulations on winning Danielle's giveaway! I'm jealous of those mittens!

  16. I am certainly praying for Adam....
    your place is soooo stinkin' adorable, just like you!!! xoxoxo

  17. Hi Janel :) I was wondering where do you find that pretty deco tape? :) I'm going to travel to USA in 2 weeks and want to buy lots of pretty craft supplies :D!!

  18. I love the vintage ornaments. That is what my mom has & what I grew up with.

    Oh, and love the amazing job you did wrapping the presents.

    Stopping by via Lindsay's blog.

  19. omg i hope adam is okay. you are in my thoughts and i <3 you!


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