08 October 2010

it's fall!

Happy Friday.

The leafs are finally changing around here!! I mean it's still mostly green, but their are some trees that are changing and it is magical!!  I literally had to pull over my car and get out to collect some of the leafs that had fallen.  I adore the colors.  Adam tells me that the colors are even more brilliant in Massachusetts though.  Can you even imagine?  So, I brought the leafs home, put some in a bowl and decided to use my exacto to cut words into some to hang :)
I love it!
It turned out pretty lovely I think!

My dad, bought these adorable little monster plushies for me :)

They are perfect Halloween decor :)  Plus they are completely made out of vintage quilts and buttons!  I love them a lot, especially the pink one :)
Adam's surgery went really well.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  He is on the mend.
I have been falling in love with my Kindle.
love love love
AND I have been journaling A LOT lately and I can't wait to share some of my pages with you!
Have a beautiful weekend friends!
love you.


  1. aww, the leaves are so cute!

  2. leaves are perfect...im waiting for ours to change so i can hang some up.
    those dolls are great and so is your dad for getting them..so cute.


  3. Oh my goodness!!!
    I love those monsters! Adorable :)

  4. I love the leaves, what a great idea! Also love those brilliant little monsters - I like the one with the long arms!

  5. oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever! also them dolls are super adorable! I a glad to hear adam is doing well


  6. I love this so so so much!!! I'm going to get me an Xacto knife next week!!! lol :) btw, those plushies are adorable!!!

  7. I love the leaves! I am hoping the tree in my backyard turns soon!

    And I love that doll on the end with the huge eyes! How cool that your dad got those for you!!


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