04 October 2010

what's on my desk?

Here is my little rendition of the "What's in my bag?" feature.
My desk is way more exciting then my bag and seriously I feel like I have four different bags going at one time (purse, teacher bag, crochet bag, laptop bag, etc.)
I love my little creative space, even when it's messy. It's fun for me to see all of the little aspects of my life at this moment, scattered across this space.
Ok, here we go...

(you may have to click on it to see it all better)

1.  My sweet little fawn collection!  They live on my desk and watch over me as I create :)  I love them a lot.  In the Pyrex bowl above them, i have a bazillion tubes of acrylic paint.

2.  That is four different pencil/pen holders.  I'm a tad bit obsessed.  We had a German exchange student for a couple of weeks and she called them "rolies" and I have loved rolies ever since.  One is filled with journaling pens, one is filled with mechanical pencils, one is sharpies, and one is fountain pens.

3.  I scored an entire bag of littlest pet shops at a garage sale for $1.50.  I have a huge collection of these in my art classroom and these have yet to make it there...maybe tomorrow :)

4.  12 gorgeous granny squares finished for Pita's afghan!! loving it.

5.  My instax wide...loving it too!

6.  That is my new laptop and my skype conversation with my BFF Lindsay :)

7.  Bernie- my lovely sewing machine.  She is sooo ready to get cracking on some fall sewing projects.

8.  My new pack of stationary from Paper Source via Borders.

9.  My "I heart fall" journal

10.  Adam and I received this adorable ceramic jack-o-lantern as a wedding gift.  The mouth is cut out to say MacLean.  I love it so much!!

11.  Letters from my dad.  We write letters back and forth to each other at least two times a week.  Checking my mail for one of his letters is the highlight of my week.  I love you dad!!!!

12.  My little tool chest with all of my journaling supplies!  I got it from an estate sale because I loved the color and the rusty texture. It's perfect!!!

Ok, that is it!! That my friends, is what is on my desk!!!  You should play along and show us all what is on your desk at the moment :)  If you decided to do it, please leave me a comment here on this post and link me so I can check it out!!
love you.


  1. I am totally going to do this!!! I love your desk, so inspiring!! I can't wait to come hang out with you again!! Love you and our Skypes ;)

  2. Like your desk! Great idea with the rolies! This looks like a very creative inspriring space!

  3. this is a great little post and concept (: i love the look of your little creative space!


  4. taking a peek at people's creative spaces is one of my favorite parts about this blogging community. I love my desk when it's messy too! It makes me feel like I'm inspired, working on something great, and it's just awesome to be surrounded by all of your favorite things! SO cute!

    Jeaous about the LPS too! haha

  5. Jealous!!!! Missing our skype dates!!!!! Maybe I'll try to go ahead and download it and see what happens.... I miss you guys too much!

    Where's that one fawn??? The one with the missing ear and two legs and tail??? He was my favorite. ;) lol

    I'm going to do this too! Remind me. ha!

    Love you!!! xoxo

  6. Love the pen & pencil holders you have. So cute!

  7. Yay!! I did mine!! :) http://bearypixie.blogspot.com/2010/10/whats-on-my-desk.html

  8. Aw this was such an awesome post! I loved seeing all the cuteness on your desk! You are sooo adorable!!

  9. http://alovelylittleworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-desk.html

    My desk is definitely not as cute as your's, but here it is!
    Fun post. I love your fawn collection so much!

  10. Tori Oliver20 October, 2010

    sooo cute! I love your desk! what kind of notebook do you use for your fall journal! I reallllllly like it!


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