27 October 2010

bento box lunches

I already know that I will definitely be the mom who writes little notes in my child's lunchbox. I still slip notes into my dad's lunchbox sometimes when Im over there :)
So, speaking of cute lunch ideas...welcome to my newest obsession!
I have actually been a tad bit obsessed with bento box lunches for awhile now and I have since, purchased some supplies to start creating my own.  I figure I will practice with my own lunches until I can start making cute lunches for my someday child (I mean there has to be some perks to having an art teacher for a mom right?)
First, let's take a look at some of the amazing bento box lunches that I have found online...

(all images found here)

(and these three are by Wendy Copely, see her entire stream of bento lunches here)

And now for my supplies....

I scored this adorable bento box, strap, and lunch bag right here.

Some tiny shape cutters for cheese and sandwiches and apple slices and other things :)
(from here)

and some adorable rice molds/containers from there as well!

I'm pretty sure I can score some adorable silicon cupcake holders and other cute containers at Target in the dollar spot :)
There are tons of adorable etsy shops and websites strictly dedicated to bento box's and accessories for cute lunches.
Such as...
little pics to use as mini forks

food partitions

and decorations! 
(all found here)

I honestly think this is going to help me look for more healthy things to add to my lunches as well!
There are tons of sites with recipes and ideas out there, all you have to do is google it!!
I can't wait to start making these!!
What do you think??


  1. How cute! I love the way the food looks so appealing for little ones! My school age kid comes home for lunch and my highschool kid will not take any food from home to school. It's not cool apparently! :)

  2. Those are so cute!! I should try that for my son, hes such a picky eater.

  3. How Cuuute!!
    I want a boy version of all this for my son for when he starts school! :D Love those cutters too, such cute, fun shapes!

  4. I want one of these for myself so badly! i have to take my lunch to work and I can just picture me rolling in with the most adorable food. i bet it makes the food taste better, too! ( :

  5. I think the Rice Ball Panda takes the CAKE! I want that right now. Of Course I am craving some sushi! yum!! bento lunches are adorable! and kudos to someone spending that time on lunch!!!

  6. Janel thank you.
    My little boy is Autistic and I have so many worries getting him to eat and try new things.
    This was like a bolt from the sky! It's genius!
    Thank you so much for these ideas. I am going to buy a Bento immediately.

  7. Did you see the stackable bento boxes they had at Target this past spring? Adorable. I love bentos, too. Maybe I need to start packing my own lunch like this. I'd certainly be more apt to bring it from home :-)

  8. OOO I want these lunches for myself! =)

    PS. Okay...your package is going out this weekend! I promise! Sorry it's taken me so long =/ This baby business is taking a lot out of me =/

  9. oh your bento looks so adorable! I bet they taste great too! I will have to find myself a bento soon! :)

  10. I love Bento boxes! They make lunch so much more fun :)

  11. Janel, i have something perfect for you! Email me your address, I would love to send it to youuu.
    PS, i promise this is not as creepy as it sounds. yelloworanges@comcast.net


  12. bento boxes hold the cutest lunches in the world. i love looking at them. thanks for posting. so fun!

  13. I LOOOVE This post!! I have never heard of this idea before and I'm in love! Mark and I are getting ready for our house to be full up with kids and I think this is one thing that is a MUST HAVE! Thanks for sharing sis, and b.t dubs i think Pita has so many perks to having you for a mom not just cute lunches!!! <3 you!


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