10 October 2010

Sale Sale Sale!!

For those of you who don't know, tomorrow is National Kick Butt day!!  

Seriously, it is :)  
Anyway there are so many things that I want to kick butt at tomorrow:
I want to kick butt at:
*  being an awesome wife to the man I have to drive all over town for tomorrow
*  cleaning my studio
* crocheting granny squares
*  being a good friend
* eating healthier.
All of that :)

So, I figured that I want to kick butt at making my friends happy too so I decided to have one crazy 24 hour "National Kick Butt Day" sale in my etsy shop

 Starting tonight at Midnight CST, everything in my etsy shop will be HALF OFF!!  For reals!!
Prices are already adjusted to half off for any early birds :)
Get it while it's hot :)
Sale ends tomorrow night at 11:59 CST.
Have fun!!!


  1. This is awesome Janel!! I love this idea!!! You shop is going to be empty!! lol :)


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