29 October 2010

oh deer.

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It's Friday.
It's a half day of school for students.
It's a full day for teachers.
I am finishing up my report cards.
One of my favorite teachers at my school got moved to another school today :(
I don't like it one bit.
Yesterday my mom found out that her best friend died :(  She has been a huge part of our lives forever.  We all loved her so much and the whole thing was just a huge shock to everyone...
I spent all night crying on and off.
It's great to know that she is in a MUCH better place and my mom is so happy that they had spent the whole day together before it happened.
This weekend should be a lot of fun though.
Lot's of festive things and getting ready to start my "Thankful 30" project!!
I'm crocheting this weekend.
I'm quilting this weekend.
I'm reading this weekend.
I'm apparently 75 years old :)
I love you.
Tell someone that you love them so much right now!!


  1. Thats so sad im so sorry. I haven't ever been through something like that but i have been through losing a friend a different way. It feels like your worl is falling apart. Hope you feel better. And i enjoy the same crocheting, quilting, and reading you are this weekend :) im also going to sew my friends think i act like a grandmother ;) Good Luck with everything and Happy Halloween

    From one of you newest dedicated readers,

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's best friend. It really makes me think what I would do without mine =(
    On a brighter note, I'm also referred to as an old lady regularly. Crochetting and watching I Love Lucy on Friday nights...LOL

  3. you started talking about deers and this is what popped into my head... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FznlyA_iqrs you can thank my brother (who is currently in spain... sad face for me... happy dance for him).
    i wish i was there so we could go for coffee and do some thrifting and watch good movies and craft and make you feel better. luv you lots and lots.
    and lots and lots.


  4. done and done!

    Just be there for your mum. It will be the only comfort really. If you cant be beside her, give her a call. I cant crochets cuz i dislocated my shoulder last week. Ive been craft free :(

    And im sending lots of love and hugs xo

  5. I'm so sorry, Janel. I, too, lost a loved one this year. Things get a little easier as time passes, but I will never forget what he meant to me. I'll be keeping you n my thoughts. <3

    I often refer to myself as an "old lady", as I would rather be at home in my jammies working on my crochet than out with the girls from work drinking and partying. Oh, and I need glasses now. :)

  6. Well personally I think crafty quilting 75 year olds at heart are cool....I am one too! Sorry for your loss my dear. Hugs


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