20 October 2010

Thankful 30 Challenge!

November is a wonderful month to take time out to reflect on what we are thankful for.  So for the November I will be creating a journal page EACH DAY depicting one thing that I am thankful for :)
This will start on November 1!!
I will give you more information and examples on this as it closer.
I want to do a different page for each day of November (all 30).

I just wanted to invite all of you to join in on this little challenge!!
You may want to even create a mini thankful journal for this , it's up to you!!!
Im super excited about this! 
I feel like it will be something really neat to look back on during those times when you need a reminder of all the blessings in your life :)
Be excited!!


  1. How cool is this. I was thinking of a sweet november album with photos of things I feel thankful for and that comes along during my november.

    I'd love to join in on your little idea to and implement it in my journal for november.

    thank you for a great blog.

  2. LOVE this idea. I will be doing this with you :D

  3. Great idea! I will be doing this with you!

  4. wonderful!! I'll do it too :)

  5. oooo I'm super excited!

    I need something to get my creative juices flowing! =)

  6. awww very sweet idea :)
    ps I love your new banner! So cute!

  7. Great idea! I STILL have not completed my journal challenge from the journaling for a cause class (I'm bad, I know...) but this seems like a good November goal.

  8. Great idea! Remind me! I wanna do it! (and thanks for posting the granny square connector link. I did it and it looks great!)

  9. Love it! I can't wait to join!!!

  10. I love this!! Think I might have to join in!! :)

  11. Yay! I was already thinking of doing something like this in November. I'm excited!

  12. Great Idea! I did this a couple of years ago and I would love to do it again! Can not wait to join you in this!


  13. omg yay! i can't wait :) im so thankful to have your creative face in my life.

  14. Man, I wish I could have seen this back when Nov started! What a cute idea! And I love Journaling! yay!!

    ...oh well!


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