05 October 2010

sugar and spice

Just because I don't have a little girl YET, doesn't mean that I haven't started collecting beautiful things for her <3
Earlier this summer, I hit an amazing garage sale with loads of little vintage dresses in perfect condition.  This mom kept everything and took such pristine care of it all.
Two weekends ago, I found another garage sale with precious little vintage dresses that I couldn't pass up.  Have a peek at my little girls' wardrobe thus far :)

*  This little dress is the lightest shade of pink and is full of amazing little details and ruffles.  It is beyond precious...

*  I adore the huge collar on this one and the sweet sweet rosebuds...

not to mention, the back has these adorable heart shaped buttons!

*  The color and the ruffles of this one are just perfect...

*  I scored four of these little vintage slips, each of them as lovely as the next but also really different.  My favorite part is that only one of the straps has the button detail.  Sooooo cute!

* a light pink slip...

*  the lovely eyelet detail of another slip...

* lovely lavender

*  this one makes me smile so much because I can literally picture my little brown skinned girl running around in this :)

*  this one reminds me of Shirley Temple :)

Now, all I need is my little girl to fill these dresses.  As you can see by the little tracker at the bottom of the blog, we are almost halfway there!!!
In case you are new to this blog, you can read all about our adoption dreams right here.
love love!


  1. the yellow and shirley temple one have my heart!!! I love them sooo much and cant wait to see little Pita in them!! :)

  2. Oh My Goodness! They are all so adorable! You will have one very sweetly dressed little girl...

  3. These dresses are so perfect. I can't wait til you get your little girl! xo

  4. Oh goodness. So so precious!

  5. i LOVE the yellow one. so precious. i cant wait for pita to get here. she is goin to be so beautiful in all of these..the shirley temple is my fav!

  6. oh so so cute! I love the eyelet slipdress!

  7. can i please come garage sale shopping (or garage sailing...)with you? seriously i'm sure all the good ones are up there...


  8. Love them all! I have a slip or two exactly like that, that were MINE as a baby and my mom kept themm for me. They hang in my girls' rooms on vintage hangars now. Adds a cute, heritage touch I think.

  9. Oh my word, she's going to be one lucky girl! These dresses are so adorable. She's going to be spoilt for choice (:


  10. hi janel,

    you must go see what your little doodles have turned into! http://violetbellasworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/2011-mini-calendar.html

    it was way too perfect!!!

    on the back of each calendar is a link to your blog! so hopefully if they are as successful as they were last year, you should get some extra exposure, along with my blogging and posting about it!

    everytime i send a package out, i smile about sending out this little drawing, it is the most adorable thing, and i still cant thank you enough for being so awesome!

    big love,

  11. Oh hun they are lovely! I cant wait to see pictures of Pita wearing them. What a score!!!! Don't you just lovvvvvve garage sales! :)

  12. they are soooo lovely! all of them are perfect!!!

    <3 Carrie

  13. these are all so great! she is gonna be one swell dressed girl!

  14. those dresses make my little heart melt! I hope Pita gets here soon!


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