26 October 2010

shine machine...

Hello Tuesday night :)
Tonight is all about Glee, puppy sitting Picasso, and pizza.
I already appreciate this week for moving somewhat fast :)
Here is a little bit of random blogging for you tonight.

**  First off, I decided that while I wait for more pink yarn to magically appear in my yarn basket, I will start on a little baby quilt for my little soon to be.
I have been scouring the etsy world, and garage sale world for vintage linens in pinks and yellows.  
Fortunately, I happened to stumble upon my new favorite etsy shop!
Sosovintage not only has amazing product, it gets to you so fast and so perfect. I am officially in love with this shop :)

So, I cut and cut and laid out all of my squares to decide how I want this quilt to look.  
Do I want to do a simple pink, yellow, pink, yellow patchwork design?

or, do I want to do something like this lovely cross quilt??

opinions please??

**  I also wanted to share these lovely little dolls that my friend Christen made for me :)

You can pick up some of your own, in her cute little shop.

**  I stumbled upon two little treasures from when I was a baby... they are a must for Pita :)

**  Last but not least, my friend Lindsay is having a really great (really cheap) blog yard sale over on her blog!! You really should go check it out here :)

**  Oh and before I forget, a ton of people have told me that my blog feed wasn't updating in their google reader anymore?!  So, if you can, please re-add me to your google reader and it should start working again!

Love you guys!!


  1. Love this post!!! I like the first option for the quilt for sure!! I love the dolls and the cute panda tattoo (swoon!!) :) Thanks for giving my blog yard sale a shout out!!! Your the best!! Instant!!

  2. yay i love all the quilt photos. and i love when you share new etsy shops, you always find the best stuff.

  3. Ohh how pretty!

    I do like the first design...the other quilt is lovely too... :)

    sorry, i'm not much help!

    Can't wait to see how it comes out!


  4. yellow patch design!!
    happy pregnancy!

  5. love the makings of this quilt! and the colors! may i have one too?!?!?! hehe

  6. That's odd...I've never had a problem with your feeds. Hmm.

    And those shirts are adorable!

  7. Oh i LOVE the cross quilt! So different and beautiful. It's magics.

  8. Aww you are going to be the best mother ever! I am totally in love with the pink, yellow, pink, yellow patchwork design. I think thats the one! Good Luck in everything
    xoxoxo my best wishes!

  9. What a happy surprise to find my shop mentioned here! Thanks so much for that, Janel- I really, really appreciate the shout out. My vote goes for the patchwork- those fabrics look so good all laid out like that!!


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