04 October 2010

a mili...

Yay! Welcome to week two of my new favorite blog feature :)  Enjoy!
This week, if I had a mili, I would buy...

1.  This amazing print found here

Is anyone else re-reading the entire series in preparation for the movie?? eeek!

2.  the world metro map found here

"Felt pillow with planisphere and imaginary world metro map, to join quickly all your friends around the world!!"

3.  I pretty much need this skin for my Kindle.
It needs some protection for sure :)

4.  tons and tons of macaroons

I had my very first macaroon in Chicago and I have been craving them ever since.  They are nowhere to be found in St. Louis BUT you can order them on Etsy!!  Has anyone ever ordered food off of Etsy??

5.  this rad mustache set :)  

How fun would these be in photoshoots??

Eeek!! So many cute things this week :)
Check back next week for an all new "a mili" Monday!
love you.


  1. i am gonna attempt to make macaroons for e's birthday party!! attempt. keep in mind i've never ever had one (i've wanted too, but alas, fort smith is slightly on the lame-o side :))

    which btw you are totally invited too... haha :) (e's party that is)


  2. The metro map pillow is SO cute, I love it! What a fun idea. Love this feature too; you could buy a lot of macaroons for a mill!

  3. I started re-reading the books on Saturday and I can barely wait till the movie begins.

  4. That's a cute poster! I reread the books in June. My boyfriend is rereading them now and I'm going to reread 7 just before it comes out :)

    Love that map too :) I would love to have a map hanging on my wall. They are so pretty!

  5. I saw some French Macaroons at Super Target in my area. If you have a Super T near you, I'd check in the bakery! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! All of those things are so adorable. I want them all <3 I love Harry Potter! So much! I love your blog, I am a new follower <3

  7. that skin looks gorgeous!! only i couldnt cope with kindle... its been proven that you dont retain as much information on reading from a screen and it hurts my eyes if i stare at screens too long.. however i can be burried in a book forever.. im a weirdo! love it though. And why are macaroons so pretty but taste gross? (i hate almonds.. i had no hope :P )

  8. Love love the map! So cute. And I totally think the wand in that print looks like a feminine product, but ya...I'd still hang it :p

  9. I've totally be re-reading/re-listening to the last book of HP. I am so excited.

  10. They sell Macaroons at Target now. I know, crazy right?? You should go check and see if they sell them close to you.


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