21 October 2010

Pita's Pretties...

I thought I would share the growing collection of cuteness that little Miss Pita already has waiting for her :)
I have already shared some of the cute vintage clothes, and so now I am going to share everything else :)

So, with adoption, we really have no idea as to how old our child will be but God willing, we will be able to have a baby.
We have an amber teething necklace, a natural wooden teething ring, and tons of lovely fabric burp cloths (in hopes that we have a baby :D)

Lots of lovely handmade toys from friends and cute etsy shops :)

Pretty pom-poms for above the crib and a lovely vintage fabric bunting too!

And of course the afghan, that I have been slacking on this week :)  I have 6 rows of 7 squares each all crocheted together.  I need three more rows to go and it will be finished!!
This time next year, I'm going to be a baby mama!!


  1. i love your banner! it's so cute! and look at all those fun things!!! they're all so colorful and so fun!


  2. You have wonderful taste in baby stuff! Pita is a very lucky girl to have such a loving crafty momma waiting for her! I am so happy for you!

  3. Izzy has that girl and cat from JuneCraft, love her stuff!

  4. Adopt me, please?! This stuff is so so cute. Pita is one lucky baby (:

  5. janel, pita is going to have the most beautiful room! i love every single peice you have!! and especially the I am A Child of God print! I love that!! <3 oh so pretty things!!!

  6. all of it is so cute! she's one lucky little lady!

  7. You have so many pretty things. Pita is so fortunate to have you as a mom :D

  8. You are such an amazing person & I know you will be a wonderful mommy!
    Your little girl is going to be so very loved :)
    xo, Jamie

  9. We used the amber teething necklace with our daughter and love it!
    Best wishes Janel!

  10. OMG- just look at all the goodies! I will keep you in my thoughts for all of your baby mama dreams to come true :)

  11. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  12. everything is looking so cute for pita.


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