24 October 2010


Today was our city's annual Howl-o-ween party for dogs :)
Catalina was even on the flyer for the even from last year!  She's a star.
Our city always has such cute events for dogs and dog lovers and we try to always attend.
This year was our first year having two sweet dogs to take!!
Here they are in their cute little costumes:

Catalina was Frankenstein :)

Picasso was a firefighter!! OMg isn't he the cutest little firefighter ever!!!
Out of the 15 dogs there, Catalina got third place in the Costume competition and Picasso got second.
I may be bias but I think he should have gotten first!!
Here are a couple of the other cute costume winners too:

 Mr. Rogers here won fourth place

and the cell mates here were the first place winners :)

After the costume contest, the dogs were able to shed their costumes and travel to all different kinds of stations like bobbing for toys, and tricks for treats, and other cute little activities.
After that, we played "minute to win it" with our dogs!
That was so much fun!!

too funny.
Catalina and I made it through all seven rounds and won second place at the very end :)
We are so fortunate to have such a great city!
We are also blessed to have such a wonderful family to do all of these fun things with!!
I hope your day was filled with family, sunshine, and puppy dog kisses!


  1. i love your puppies so much! i think they shoulda won too!


  2. oh my! They are SOOO cute! Picasso should have won 1st! What a cutie and of course little Catalina is as cute as ever!!

  3. soooo cute!!! I love that last pic :P

  4. oh lordy, this post just melted my heart.


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