24 November 2009


* This was supposed to post last night so this post is all about yesterday, not today...lol <3>

Although I am still wicked sick.
I came to work today only because I HATE writing sub plans and I was miserable.
I also came to work to find that the SEVENTY clay projects that I bisque fired Friday had blown up to a 6 inch deep pile of dust.
There have some things that made this day lovely:
* The best chocolate chip cookies ever in a surprise pacakge by my door when I got home from work from one of my BFF's.
* My RVA package came suuuuuper quick :)

* lots and lots of crocheting

* finished my Christmas cards (now I just need to find 5x7 envelopes)

-I loved how Katie Cupcake sewed hers to make a pocket for pics so I was inspired to do the same :) She's soooo rad!
-Then I just added some buttons and bling (that's how I roll) and they were good to go <3
- You can buy the downloadable pdf's here.
* I also signed up for Style School today (Early Christmas gift from Indie <3)

* PLUS, I love love loved reading all of your fill in the blank answers from my last post. They really brightened my yucky day :)
You all are tooooo sweet. I especially loved my dad's though:

Seriously, you guys have no idea. We have old home movies by the hundreds of me giving weather reports, swing set reports, cartwheel reports, and of course garden reports. Im pretty sure I was like 7. The garden reports were the best because I would give them in English and bits of spanish but speaking in an italian accent. Oh my goodness. If I only I could figure out a way to post at least one garden report on here :)
So, all in all, my day was gross, filled with kleenex, cough drops, and watery eyes but it was nothing that good friends and family and RVA goodies couldn't fix.
Thank God for all of those things :)


  1. First off I hope u get to feeling better. Second ur christmas cards look so cute. Third I wish to see a garden report, I bet u were the best reporter ever.
    *oh and way jealous u got enrolled in style school, I wasn't able to attend :(

    Xoxo me

  2. your cards turned out so well! very cute. i really need to get started on mine... like a week ago!

    that's the sweetest comment from your dad. made me miss mine even more (not gone, just far away)

    hoep you feel better soon :)

  3. Your cards are cute! And I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    I signed up for style school too!!

  4. feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really wish I could afford Style School, I love the projects!! My job sucks bad right now and we're not even sure if we'll still have jobs by Christmas. Love the comment your dad made, hehe. Dads are great xx

  6. i hope you start feeling better soon!

    your dad is awesome.

    and i totally think you should do the garden report. bring it back!

  7. would love to see the garden report! you are totally rad!
    feel better real soon!!

  8. i hope you get better soon! i've been sick also, and i'm hoping to be 100% better by the time i come visit. i'm happy you liked my cards. :) my mom gave me the idea because she's always losing photos that go with the cards.


  9. I have signed up too! See ya <3


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