06 November 2009

holiday <3

No School today!! I seriously only work one Friday in the entire month of November. It's bliss <3 So, me and the mutt got to sleep in today. My body only let me sleep in until 8:00 but is was sooooo nice :D
Do you want to see some #HOLYCUTE-ness?
Here are pics of the beautiful and cute paper banner that is hanging above my fireplace where our stockings are hung:

I crocheted the line, added some pom-poms, cut the letters out of my scrapbook stash, and used paper clips to hang them :) I love it. I got the idea from Elsie (she's too cute isn't she?)
Here is the Advent calendar that made for my Countdown to Christmas:

Our hand-made stockings:

And a sneak peek at the ornaments that I made for Kimi's ornament swap!! This is a picture before I finished them so they are even more cuter than this!
(vintage cookie cutters, Love, Elsie paper, pom-pons and more)

Eeeeek! My house is looking sooo cute <3
Ok, I am off to FINALLY see WTWTA with my mom today for a day off treat <3
Happy Friday friends...


  1. Gah, so jealous of your day off! :)

  2. Eeek! I love your ornaments! Go you for getting them done already! I'm going to start mine this weekend. (key word being "start them") ha!

    Let me know how your WTWTA experience is!!!! I must see it this weekend. must.

    Love you!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Your christmas countdown is so cute!!! Is it made out of a cookie sheet? Are the numbers and stuff magnets?? I also love your stockings they are perfect =]
    Have a happy day off!

  4. This ornament swap is going to be SO GOOD!

  5. HOLYCUTE! i looove your stockings garland, and all your christmas crafts!!! you *seriously* make me want to break out my christmas decorations! and i used to HATE christmas, and now i want my tree up before thanksgiving! ha! it might just happen...


  6. Every thing looks so stinkin cute!

    Hey I am having a blog party and giveaway come check it out!

    ♥ Carrie

    Love the stocking so much!

  7. Love the Advent calendar and stockings, very cute! I'm looking forward to creating a more handmade Christmas this year!

  8. Okay... so loving your ornaments. I think the ones I decided to make are a little to involved...but I am going to do it! Ahhh!!!

    Your stocking garland is adorable. I like that you hung the letters with paperclips. So smart!!
    Enjoy the rest of your Friday!!

  9. thanks to your post title, i have that madonna song stuck in my head. but that's okay because old madonna kicks so much butt.

    whats up with all the public schools being closed for the majority of november? i drive by them every day and their sign is always saying they'll be off soon. lucky kids!

    love all of your holiday stuff. all super cute.

  10. Tiffany- yes it is just a cookie sheet that I painted and covered with cute paper. The numbers are just little embelishments that I put together and then I glued those to magnets. I love it!!

    Chelsey- We have MO state teacher meetings (but there really aren't any meetings. It happens every three years :)

    Jamie- WTWTA was magic <3

  11. ah ah ah!! i am so excited about your ornaments! and i totally think i will make a stocking banner too!! i am making our stocking tomorrow...hopefully they will turn out. miss you loves!

  12. omg i love your handmade stockings. but that camera collection is my one true love. :)

  13. I love it all! I love sleeping in - it's my favorite!!! Everything you made is completely cute!!

  14. Girl, you've been busy! It all looks so great!


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