03 November 2009

don't judge...

My Christmas tree goes up every year on November 1. It's tradition :)
I like to get into the holiday spirit really early.
I plan on making loads of other DIY holiday projects to decorate with too.
Last year I made my own garland...
paper chain

and knitted

I also can NOT wait to get started on my December Daily journal. I will post pics of my book from last year.
This year, I am using this kit from Elise...can't wait!
Yay!! Also, one of our local radio stations is already doing the whole 24x7 Christmas songs. If I am doing holiday things, I am listening to it.
Also, Jamie, is doing a thankful thirty challenge on her blog and I decided to do it as well. I need some catch-up obviously but each day i November I will be posting one thing that I am thankful for:
1. My family
(no pics of my whole family)
2. My husband

3. this little mut

(that was her this morning when I came out to the living room...sigh)
I am excited to post more :)
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Love your Christmas tree and I can't wait to see your December daily journal! Love the puppy!

  2. Haha, she looks so cute all bundled up like that! :)

  3. You crack me up! I'm not judging at all, I'm impressed with your spirit and energy :)

  4. tooo cute! i love my puppy too. she's like my child!

  5. You're cute. I like that tree!

  6. Love the tree. The picture of Cat is heartwarming. Love KAB

  7. I think I will be putting our tree soon too! I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving but that really isn't enough time to enjoy it! Yours is so pretty. Love all the little handmade touches!

  8. Oh I can't wait to put up my tree. my husband won't let me just yet but I will do it anyway in probably a week :) I am going to crochet garland for mine this year! (I'm already listening to Christmas music in my headphones on my computer so he doesn't know hehe)

    And I love the picture of you and your husband. Me and my husband need to take pictures together. I don't have good luck with professional pictures though... the photographers always lose my stuff :( (my senior pictures AND wedding pictures!!) and they were two different photographers!!

    this was super long. sorry! :)

  9. Yay!! I'm right there with you. I'm going to put mine up early too. I usually wait, but this year certainly seems to warrant an early start to the celebrations. I'm so glad it's up so we can see it when we come down in a couple of weeks. You go girl!!

    Love you,
    MacMom (still loving this new "handle")

  10. I love christmas early! I always bust out the christmas tunes at the beginning of december...it makes my ipod happy! adorable puppy. :o)

  11. Oh and I forgot to mention how ADORABLE my grandpup, Cat, is all snuggled up in Adam's quilt. I can't wait to snuggle her.

  12. Love your Christmas tree - need you to help me do mine! Maybe we could make it a Tree decorating, Imaginiff playing, Marshmallow roasting party at my house!! (Of course there will be a fire in the fireplace, Christmas carols playing and hot chocolate drinking!)

  13. OOOO - I love your paper garland, I did one myself a couple of years back with pinking shears and scrapbook paper, just like yours! SOOO cute!

  14. i just got a mini tree at walmart last night and am sooo excited to start decorating it.

    love the picture of you and adam. and catalina is adorable as always!

  15. no judging!

    Love the dog she reminds me of my little pooch


  16. Love it, Janel! So refreshing to see the holiday spirit in full swing! I can see that you're a "crazy Christmas lady" like me! Truth be told, I busted out my Christmas cd's before Halloween (talk about 'please don't judge'!) I do think that you must have more hours in your day than the rest of us, though! :) Enjoy your family and please know that I'm still praying for good health for y'all!

  17. I couldn't help but LOL at this!!

    your tree is adorable and such a great tradition.

    when i lived at home, my mom always made everyone be done with christmas gifts by august so no judging at all :)


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