05 November 2009

gettin crafty

Here are some pics of some of the craftiness that has been going on in my life lately:

I am having lots of fn dong this afghan. It is much easier, I think, than making one with tons of granny squares. I am making one of those too though :) Also, Crissy the quilt will be coming your way this weekend!!! I love the way it turned out :)
oh, and Happy Guy Fawkes Day:
this is for you dad ;)

No work tomorrow...that is excting eh?
Ok, I am off to teach!!


  1. Pretty pretty!
    I want to make that afghan so much right now! If I hadn't already started on so much of my dad's now, I would have made it like this! That would be SO much more easier! haha

    Hope you have fun on your day off tomorrow!

  2. I love your pretty yarn balls and the pine cones! Looks like fall/winter has definitely come to your home!

  3. I love the yarn balls the colors are beautiful! I'm glad to hear that making an afgan is is easier because learning how to make those granny squares is really kicking my butt! I mastered making flowers but this granny square, ehhhhh!

    I can't wait to see your granny square blanket!

  4. Thanks for reminding me, I didn't remember, remember the fifth of November.

  5. gotta love pom poms! i seriosuly can't get enough, and have opted to make them in different colors for every season. :)


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