21 November 2009


Did you know that a person who studies clouds is a nepholologist?

When I was in eighth grade this is all I wanted to be.
I had a really rad science teacher in 8th grade named Ms. Schrey and she sparked my passion for everything clouds.
Nimbus, cumulus, sirrus, stratus, I loooooved them all.

I literally could stare at clouds all day.

I'm not really sure why I never pursued becoming a Nepholologist, probably because I wanted to be a teacher even more.
I guess you could say that being a Nepholologist is a hobby of mine.

Except studying them and staring at them aren't really the same thing are they?

* Once when I was 7, my mom and I flew to Atlanta for my birthday. It was my first time flying on a plane. I couldn't understand why the flight attendent wouldn't open my window so that I could put some cloud in my zip-loc bag to take home to my sister as a souvenier. RUDE!

* When my sister went to Germany in 8th grade she took a ton of pictures of clouds from the plane so that I could enlarge them and cover the ceiling of my bedroom with them. I never did it then but I sooooo want to do it now :)

* Every year I make my students just lay in the grass and stare at the clouds to look for pictures.

* This book, is one of the many reasons that I love Eric Carle sooooo much :)

* Once I met this lady at a Scrapbook thing who had this picture that she took that really looked like Jesus standing in the clouds. I always search the sky to see that for myself :)

Just another random fact about me :)

I am off to go create something cloud inspired...sweeeeet!
Also, I will be back tonight with pictures from all of the things that you wanted to see about my life!!
Fun fun.
Happy Saturday, hope it's cloudy!
(all photos are either mine or from weheartit)
p.s. another random fact about me...when my dog and I snuggle, we hold hands :)

always always always...
Thankful Thirty:
19. Im thankful for text messaging
20. Grace
21. clouds


  1. It's cloudy here in London but the really horrible kind where the clouds have no shape whatsoever. So no cloud love for me today!

    I really wanted to be a storm chaser after watching Twister and all the cyclone warnings we had in Australia. Can't wait to see your house! Yay!

    Love you xx

  2. So in love with this post. Everything about it. And you.
    Hope your day is magical! xo

  3. Have you seen the pixar short "Partly Cloudy?" it is SO freaking cute! You should youtube it!

    some of these images are positively dreamy. I love the fluff ball clouds hanging from the ceiling. <3

  4. Hey beautiful...let's go on a date! Clouds optional.

  5. omg...we are way too much alike that it scares me sometimes. i wanted to be someone who studied clouds too. i stare at them so much and have a zillion pictures of them.
    i will have to find one and send it to you! ahh...you make me feel like i am not the only one in the world with crazy ideas.
    clouds are the biggest reason why i love flying! i love being above the clouds and wishing to lay upon them and stare at the stars.
    i heart you and wish we lived closer, cause we could go and have picnics and point out things made out of clouds.

  6. Loving the clouds! Bu tmy fave part of your post, by far...you and your fur baby holding hands! OMG! Too precious!


  7. This is a lovely post! All the cloud pictures put a smile on my face!

  8. i'm dying over that story with the clouds + the flight attendant. one of my favorite stories ever.


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