10 November 2009

little trees...

Here are three of the five fabric trees that I am using as a centerpiece for my Handmade holiday decor:

All five of them are in the same pink, green, and yellow color scheme that I am using this year :)
These three were made with vintage sheets and the other two (which aren't stuffed yet or sewn) are made with modern day fabrics that coordinate really well <3
I think that they turned out precious if I do say so myself!!
10. I am very thankful for books. I am a reader, always have been, and hopefully always will be. I love immersing myself in a good book and getting lost in it. I love the look of books, the smell, the everything:

Everyone keeps asking what I want for Christmas (it's that time already) and I have nooooo clue yet!! I think I am going to post a dream wish list later this week, maybe even tonight, so that I can think of some ideas.
What do you want for the holidays this year??
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow...those trees are so super cute!!!!

  2. ahhh! i love those books. i've been itching to get them to look pretty on my shelf!

    & p.s. your tress are lovely!!

  3. i loove those fabric trees! they are sure lovely :]

  4. Love the trees!

    I am making pom poms tonight for my wreath


  5. I love the vintage sheet fabric you used on the trees. So cute.

  6. You're lil trees came out super cute! I need some turkey before I start thinking about Christmas :)
    I am wanting yarn, lots of yarn, and 6 extra arms and hands to crochet that yarn, and 5 extra hours added to the day, and the energy of 10 5 year old kids! Can Santa bring that? ;)

    Hope you're having a very good day!

  7. love the books! i hope santa brings me a cannon rebel xsi...

  8. oh books. i love everything about them!

    cute cute trees!

  9. LOVE the fabric you used for the trees, they look fantastic together. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your finished centrepiece!

  10. your trees are beautiful! i LOVE books too! :)

  11. I miss you. Call me. I got A Fine Frenzy Blue Christmas CD. It is so bomb!!! Test drive it on itunes and let me know if u need it! Loves!!!

  12. Love the trees! The colors are beautiful!

  13. I like that first pillow case! I have been thinking I want to crochet a granny square pillow cases for my couch pillows.


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