01 November 2009

Happy November <3

(photo credit)
Yay! November is going to be a great month :)
* It's Adam's birthday
* It's my mom's birthday
* We have soooo many days off of school this month
* Adam's family is coming to visit (YAYAYAYAY!! I am literally counting down the days).
* Lots and lots of Christmas decorating and shopping and making.
and soooo much more that I am most likely forgetting :)
SO, last night was a blast. My sister and her husband throw a great party and her house looked amazing.
Like so amazing that I am pretty sure that Martha Stewart came by to decorate.
Good food.
Great decor.
Great costumes.
Great friends.
A pinata
and cake of course (Halloween is also her husband's birthday)!
So, here are a few pics from the night (again the lighting is not so good because all I had was my phone and no one is awake yet, Im sure, to have posted good pics of Facebook :D)
** Adam painted sparkly arm bones on my arms to match my RVA skeleton shirt :)

** Oh this was the pretty cotton candy sky that was above (cotton candy skies are my most favorite)

* My sister and I were Day of the Dead Calaveras (I swear we are sooo hispanic at heart):

* Adam was a broken heart (get it)??:

* Matt was a zombie:

* Gang Green

* Forrest Gump (he had this sooo perfect too) and an ice skater:

* Andy Bernard (another perfect representation) and a cute pumpkin:

and more that I apparently did not get pictures of. I will post more pics later as they come :)
Oh and here is our pumpkin that we carved this year...disaster :)

Yikes..I officially should never be a professional pumpkin carver :)

This morning I also looked back on my October goals and was pretty excited about how many of them I had accomplished (if it's bold, I rocked it):
1. Reach 185 followers on my blog (you can totally help me with that :D)
2. Find a cute Halloween costume for myself, Adam, and Catalina
3. Find my sister the perfect house warming gift
4. be the best Maid of Honor

5. Finish my sister's peacock quilt before her wedding (October 17)
6. Finish the give-a-way quilt (it's soooo almost done :D) (It's soooo close that Im mad I didn't get it finished)
7. make plans for Adam's family to come and visit
8. send out loads of Happy Mail

9. re-paint our hallway
10. get curtains for the living room
11. crochet a granny square
12. get red highlights
13. Be a blessing to others as much as possible

14. Read two books
15. Be healthier
16. go to a pumpkin patch
17. carve a rad jack-o-lantern ( tried!!!)
18. wear my hair curly more :D Today it's curly, what do you think??

Later tonight I will post some goals that I have for November :)
(Man is this the worlds longest blog post or what)??
I also wanted to post pics of two amazing gifts that I received yesterday in the mail.
** My painting from the swap that I did with Elaine!! (Elaine yours is coming, I still haven't found a box big enough to send it in though):

my favorite part of it is the detail work inside the whale:

I am in looooove with it. Elaine, you should sell your paintings in your Etsy. I would be a collector fo sho!
** I also received this beautiful granny square clutch from Crissy!! She is soooo talented I swear. Thank you thank you thank you Crissy:

I feel like the colors are soooo November!
Ok friends, I am off to church so I will get back here later to post some goals :) I feel way more accountable when I share them.
Again, Happy November!!


  1. I'm doing my goals today too for the next few weeks. I've been given this time off for a reason and need to use it wisely!
    Your costume was great by the way!!! x

  2. I know you do already but check out my blog today. =)

  3. oh my GOOOOODNESS; I loove love love the pics of the costumes! You guys all looked so great! You and Nicoles faces were TOTALLY awesome!!!!!

    BTW - we are counting down the days too!!!!! let's see; we will be there Friday night so 12 more sleeps!!!!!! wooohooo and this time mum promised we could see St Louis haha

  4. Yay for you! Awesome pics! Love that painting Elaine made you! Freakin' awesome! YES! She should definitely sell them. As should you!!!! I would totally get one! ;) And that clutch just makes my eyes happy. Happy November, Love!!! xoxo

  5. Does anyone else think that sparkly arm bone looks like anther kind of bone? Tell me I am not the first person to say that? Totally cracking myself up right now. So cute J. Big Hug!

  6. yay you got the granny clutch! hope it brings some fall cheer your way, loved the halloween costumes!


  7. Janelle, your costume rocks! That is so cool!!!!

  8. loving the Gang Green costume. for real.

  9. your makeup is AWESOME! happy halloween!

  10. I love the guy who was Andy!!!! bahahaha! You and your sis look awesome!! I've always wanted to do that ;)

  11. YAY! Somehow I totally missed this post! I'm glad you loved your whale!!!!! :]

    I've been considering posting paintings in my etsy shop... I have one in there right now, and its been in there for so long, and I felt like it wasn't worth it. My paintings are very special and personal to me, and I kind of put myself out there listing them.

    Maybe I will reconsider sometime soon!


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