25 November 2009

4 day weekend!

I see that I have more catching up to do on my Thankful Thirty. They are all written in my journal daily but I am forgetting to blog them :)
Here we go <3
22. my blog, jadore!

23. my favorite color- mexican ocean blue

24. our home
25. sister bracelets and rings

(We buy sister braclets or rings all the time. Which is really just matching bracelet or rings). We have done it for-ev-er. Nicole is soooo good and still own practically every single one we have ever bought. I have like five. They really do mean sooo much to me and it is a little tradition that I LOVE of ours. I am just not the most organized person in the world when it comes to my jewelry <3)
* I also wanted to share this cutie calendar download with all of you.
It is a FREE calendar download too!!

I have it printed out already and hanging in my classroom. love love love.
* I am sooooo excited about the long long holiday weekend but I know it's going to go by so fast because it's jam packed. The cool part is that Adam also gets four days off too which isn't usual for him. I can't wait!!
My aunt and uncle are finally back from there five week vacation and I have missed my aunt sooooo much!! I will finally get to see her tomorrow at Thanksgiving. We are having just a small family gathering at my parent's tomorrow. I like it that way :)
What are your plans for Thanksgiving or even fun little traditions that you do to celebrate??
My work day is over in 5 more hours. hurry time!!


  1. we're going to hang out with our friend for thanksgiving. but if we were in arizona, with my family, my favorite thing is watching my dad and his brother talk about black friday strategies. and going thrifting with them. :)


  2. Have a great Thanksgiving!


  3. ooh, thanks for the download link!
    hope your thanksgiving is awesome!!


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