11 November 2009


So, school has been out for about 25 minutes and I am officially feeling like I have been here to long. Like I said in my last post, tonight we have parent teacher conferences so we are here until after 7. Art teachers do not set up conferences or anything but we have to be here all night in case any parents have any questions.
I am really hoping that I get motivated enough to want to do some organizing in my classroom.
Outlook not so good.
Because I teach at an elementary school, every other website in the world is blocked due to whatever. It is really hard for me to search for pretty things to keep me motivated and inspired. During the school day I am constantly inspired by my students but now that I am sitting here 25 minutes deep into a 4 hour night...not so much.
Here are some pics that I have grabbed off of other blogs in the past that I keep in a folder to keep me inspired. They are pretty. I apologize in advance for not having image credits for these. If you know of any of them, please let me know in the comments :)
Without further ado, here are some pretty images for me and for you tonight:

Much better <3
So, my favor to ask of you tonight is to leave me some major comment love tonight. Tell me anything. Entertain me. I am booooooored!
I'll be your best friend?!?!

P.S. The twelfth thing that I am thankful for is chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven :) a little piece of heaven on earth.


  1. So sorry you are bored!

    Love the pix...especially the red room with the lovelies hanging from the ceiling.

    Well, let's see. What can I say to entertain you? At the Senior Adult Luncheon today we celebrated Veterans Day by singing all the songs that go with the branches of the armed forces. You could review those in your head. Here's a starter:

    Army....♪♫"Over hill, over dale, we have hit the dusty trail.....(see how much more you can remember :)

    Navy.....♪♫"Anchors aweigh, my boys....

    Air Force....♫Off we go, into the wild blue yonder....

    Marines...♫♪From the halls of Montezuma.....

    Does the Coast Guard have a song? I don't know?????

    There you have it....my way of trying to entertain you - lame, I know!!

    Happy Veterans Day and Happy Parent Teacher Night.

  2. P.S....I know what you mean about the choco chip cookies - also a fave of mine!

    Oh, and, BTW, we are having homemade chocolate chip cookies tonight at church....I'm going to save you a couple since they are one of your faves!

  3. Wow - you read fast!!! I just left that last comment. Whew.

    I'm trying to leave a bunch of comment love so that you have something to do!

    Try checking out my blog. It has pix on it of this past weekend.

  4. I taught art in an elementary school for 5 years, so I remember those conference nights well! I think the most parents that ever came to see me in a night was 2 or 3!

    Anyway, can you get ahead on any boring prep work like filling glue bottles and such? Blah. Good luck with organizing!

    I'm enjoying seeing your granny squares. I'm taking a class on making them at my local sewing store. It starts on Saturday, I can't wait - I'm going to make a baby blanket. I think I want to make it with colored centers and white edges. Any tips for me?

  5. ahhh--i'm so sorry that you are bored.

    i work eight hour shifts at a hotel starting at 3:15pm and ending at 11:15--so i can TOTALLY feel your pain about the boredom. i like it when no one comes in, because then i can finish my homework, crochet, do whatever i want. but the time goes by very very slow.

    i don't know any military songs. something i do know is love ballads. my friends and i were at lunch one day and this guy corey that we all know texted my friend kenny some really lame movie line. and so i texted him an eighties love ballad lyric. he didn't have my number so he was freaking out. we kept this going for three weeks--every lunch period i would text him a love song lyric. until someone told him who i was (fun ruiner). but, i still text him anyway. today i texted him the first few lines from george michael's faith.

    happy wednesday!

  6. ooh I hope you find stuff to keep you entertained! My husband has his conferences tomorrow and Friday... :)

  7. hey dear! an entertaining thought...i dyed my hair PUMPKIN! it didn't quite come out like i wanted but i love it so far....i'll be blogging about it tomorrow so you must look for it. hope that the night doesn't end up to boring for you...love you bestie!


  8. Hi Janel! Didn't know yo teach arts so so so so cool! :) ha! well I'll tell you something about my art class when I was little:

    We were doing this oxcart project and we used matches as the load of wood for decoration, my teacher went out for some supplies and my classmate lit one match and then everything was on fire :O haha we were like...9. Go figure. Complete chaos haha (everything went well, some kid ran like cruhzy and called the teacher)



    ps: great inspiration pics ;)

  9. Looove that 3rd picture soooo much! I love them all but esp. that one! Hope your nite goes ok. We're going to have another chat tonite and I hope you'll be around for this one!!! We missed u last nite!!! We'll be starting between 9 and 10 (our time) and link will be posted on twitter from me or emjay. =)

  10. When I was younger I always wanted to make a wall from all the cards that I received in the mail (now this thought was about 12 years ago) then besides cards I thought I will add some colorful decorations so when I saw your last picture it reminded me of that long time wish. That is how I wanted one wall to look. Well, you may still be bored :) but I just wanted you to know.

  11. The flat above us has a washing machine leak!! Guess where the water's going? Yup. into our flat. And it's 2.30am here. Ugh. Hope you're having better times xx

  12. hmmmm, to entertain you...hmmmmm.
    im going to see precious again tonight- it's an amazing movie but NOT a feel good movie but my pal wants to see it again and it's his bday soooo, to precious i go!
    hope that entertains you LOL.
    hope you have good conferences!


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