07 November 2009

I'll eat you up, I love you so...

Today, Adam and I built a pretty rad fort in the living room :) I have been camped out in it every minute that we have been home. I don't have any pictures of it yet but I promise I will take some tomorrow.
It's soooo cute!
We had a great day today.
Im pretty sure that any day that starts with a lunch date and then a starbucks date, is a great day :)
The high today, temperature wise, was 79 degrees!! Can you believe that? Hello, it's November!
I am definitely ok with it though:)
A HUGE congratulations to Rachel and Brett who welcomed Ruby to the world today <3 YAY!!
And for my thankful thirty:
7. I am soooo thankful for yarn <3 especially this time of year when yarn craft consumes my life :)
I love love love it <3

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  1. afternoon dates are so fun!

  2. If we had a Starbucks near here I would have a Starbucks date every Saturday!! I want one now! yum :)

    That is so exciting Rachel had her baby today!

  3. oh i cant wait to see your tent/fort! we used to do that all the time...

  4. I love Sbux dates! I actually had two today! One with my mom, and one with my boyfriend and our close friends.

    What kind of drink did you get?

    Chels xoxo


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