21 November 2009

photos of my life <3

Alright ladies, you asked and I am showing.
I was tempted to wait until the morning so that I could have some natural lighting but, Im too impatient about those kind of things :)
So, here we go:
* My craft Room.
I have posted lots of pics of my craft room before in it's clean state. I was tempted to clean it again before posting the pics but again, Im impatient :)

and here is a part of the craft room that I never show :) It's Adam's corner of the room.

* My favorite make-up:

I am in love love love with MAC's tortilla tan lipstick. I love it so much. Here is a secret, it is empty but I still have it because I feel like if I am in dire need for it, I can dig some out. Unfortunately , the color is discontinued but I can occasionally find it on Ebay. It is usually around $40 though since it's rare. Lame!! Does anyone know of a secret MAC website where I can find it on the cheap?
* My vintage apron collection
I have them hanging here in my kitchen

I wish that I had a better way to showcase them. Any suggestions?
Here is a closer look:

* What is on my nightstand:

a woodgrain lamp from Pottery Barn, vintage fan, case made by my sister full of junk, my jewelry tree, lavendar sleep lotion

a jewlry box from my grandpa that he gave me when I was 8, it's full of foreign coins that he gave me, a knitted pear sachet full of lavendar.
* my hair products

It's an organic brand and I love it. It is lavendar and eucalyptus :) smells amazing <3
I also use this when my hair is damp, before I blow-dry and straighten:

* Favorite beauty product

My MAC prime and Prep.
* What I am reading:

* My favorite thing that I have made:
Ok, this is the hardest one!! I have noooo clue!
I am going to say...at this moment, it's my Autumn Love journal:

It is finished now and I am going to post all of the final pics sometime soon on my Flickr.
* My closet.
It's tiny :)
My clothes are the ones on the top, and Adams are on the bottom. LOL!

The other side is our pants and dresses.
We have games on the top shelves and our china from our wedding is stored there.

The shoes are on the floor :)
* My throne :)
Where I sit when I am making all of my crafty things :)
It's my couch.

I'm pretty much camped out there when I am working on just about anything :)
* What is on my fridge:
Ok, these are the worst quality pictures yet, sorry!!
Here is what is on the front of my fridge

and on the side

The pictures of my kitchen barely turned out at all because it isn't really well lighted. I will post thost pics tommorow :)
Ok, I think that's it!!!
That was fun.
BUT, in the time it took me to write this post my nose has gotton stuffed up and runny and my throat started hurting :( BOO! I think I am getting sick.
Ok, give me some comments. I feel like I am getting no comments lately.
Alright, I need to run out and get some kleenex and some orange juice stat.
Love you!


  1. i loveeee your lamp! where did you find it? i have one faux bois lamp from UO, but i need a few more!

    hope i can come visit someday!! Jlo and i were planning to come to St.L this week for a 2 day 'break' but i think things are coming up and ruining our plans.... :(( SOON i hope. XO.

  2. This was fun! I really enjoyed seeing your craft room! I can't wait until I have a house where I can have a room dedicated to craft stuff. Right now it's all stuffed onto a desk in the corner of my spare bedroom. and I love the color of the wall in your craft room!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay!!! I love seeing your pics and your home. So fun!!!! More! More! Ha!

  4. a few things: one, that laaaamp? gorg.
    two: i'm a tad jealous that you have the original of rachel's cloud painting. one of my fave things ever to come out of rva.
    three: two scattegories games? luuucky, its like my favorite game ever
    four: that bed with the clouds above it. . .i die!! do you have the link to that picture because i would greatly appreciate it.


  5. oh man! i'm totally sad i forgot to think of something in time! :( bummer. but i love seeing your house and stuff!!!


  6. this is SOOOOOO fun! I wish more people would post inspiring pics of their houses! SO COOL!

  7. thanks for sharing....that was fun!

    hope you're not getting sick :(

  8. I love your craft area!

    I know Prescriptives makes a custom color for you. You may want to catch them before they go completely out of business, though! They just recently filed for bankruptcy :(

  9. Oh what a swell idea, thanks for sharing! x

  10. Don't feel bad about the comments Janel. You probably got more than I ever have on my blog....it does get kind of irritating especially after you spend quit a bit of your time loading everything up. I must also say that for about a year I had lost my RSS Feed from when I changed the look on my blog. So whenever I posted something it would never show up in the blog list on my peepers blogs...anyways just last week I figured out how to get my feed back...html can be a pain.

    I have to say though .... the picture of your clothes in your closet made me laugh when you said that the ones on top were yours and the bottom is Adams. There weren't very many there for Adam.

  11. totally cute! you poor closet is so tiny! but gotta make due :)

  12. I think your journal is so pretty...but you have so many beauty's to choose from - quilts, granny squares, softies....you are so clever.


  14. I'm guessing you must be sick since I didn't see you at church today. Boo hoo!

    Hope you are feeling better real soon!!

    ♥ u

  15. So cute! I'm planning to do some organizing in my craft room/office this week and yours has inspired me to get moving!

  16. thanks for sharing! I love your lamp on your nightstand too! Also.. I liked seeing your craft room as is. Makes me not feel so bad about not cleaning up after each project. My hubby gets onto me about that, but I can't help it!


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