12 November 2009


* was a half day of school
* tomorrow is no school!
* we had parent teacher conferences until 7:00 again
* I finished my pom-pom wreath
* read some blogs
* had my last online class chat :(
* cleaned sooooooo much
* I will watch Project Runway
* did a lot of holiday decorating
* I am counting down the seconds until Adam's family gets here tomorrow!!!
* Made a really special gift for my secret santa (don't you wish you knew who you were??)

Yay!! Adam's mom, dad, three sisters, and brother in law are all driving down from Massachusetts tonight!! I can not wait. Saturday is Adam's birthday and to have his whole family here is the best gift we could have asked for. This weekend is going to be sooo much fun, especially with all of those people in our tiny home :)
I am beyond excited, we both are, we all are to be exact!!!!
Hurry up MacLeans!!!
But drive safely :)
Happy three day weekend for me!!!


  1. LOVE that picture.
    Have fun with the family!

  2. Have a great long weekend. And Happy Birthday to Adam!

  3. You always get so much done in a day. You make me look bad haha! I dont even work! Let me borrow some of that motivation :)

  4. you should put a picture of your pompom wreath up! I want to start mine, but i'm lazy. :(


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