01 November 2009

My November Goals:

(photo credit)
1. Finish the give-a-way quilt like tomorrow!!
2. Crochet an afghan
3. I took the Handmade pledge so I need to at least come up with an idea for all of the gifts that I am giving this year.
4. Finish ornaments for Kimi's ornament swap :)
5. Make birthday present for Adam and mom
6. switch my living room and craft spaces with each other
7. Make a Christmas wreath for Welcome space
8. paint two paintings
9. Read one book :)
10. leave lots of comments on my friend's blogs
11. Put up my Christmas tree
12. Get my December Daily journal ready
13. Be a blessing to others <3
14. Do the thankful 30 challenge :)

This month I hope to accomplish every single one of these!! We shall see :)
Today was sooooooo great, like soooo great. blessed <3


  1. That's a sweet goal list. I also need to finish (er... start) my ornaments for the ornament swap.

  2. love this!
    i'm going to do a goals post laaate tonight! thanks for the idea!
    and i'm sooo excited for you to accomplish your goals...

    ps.. you are a blessing to me!

  3. i love this goal thing. i think us aries have a hard time staying on task :) at least i know i do!!
    good luck on your goal list! i will be cheering you on!

  4. I should do a list like yours, maybe that way I will actually do a lot of things that stay in the thinking phase :)

  5. I need to finish your cutomised bag and send off your prize! I'm sorry it's taken so long x

  6. Great list and good luck, you've inspired me to post my goals for this month too! :)

  7. I need to do a list like this and post it too. Maybe it will help keep me accountable. And I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie but that cupcake looks sooooooo delicious!!!! xo

  8. what an awesome idea- i love your goal lists- i have full faith you can DO it! :)

  9. ps... i would be happy to help with number 10! pahaha :)


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