10 November 2009

Dear Santa,

I have been asked a lot lately what I would like for Christmas.
I have compiled a list of things that have been on my wishlist for awhile with pics and links :) Feel free to browse!
Obviously some of the things on the list are way too expensive to ever own but a girl can still wish right??
So...here we go:

a crocheted pillow cover found here <3

This log-cabin quilted pillow found here <3

This pretty autumn tree plushie found here <3

I love these TOMS that you can find HERE <3

and these gold ones that you can find HERE <3

lots and lots of film for my Fuji Instax mini...which you can find HERE.

This painting, oh my goodness, it moves me! love love love...found here <3

Noodles the Narwhal which you can find here <3
Wow, it is definitely fun to dream <3
OBVIOUSLY, handmade gifts are my most favorite, so are gifts from the heart <3
Im sure I can think of a lot more but since I have been working on my needs vs. wants there really isn't too much more that I want these days.
Alright, tonight I work until 7:00 that is a 12 hour day almost...blah! parent-teacher conference.
Have fun for me while I am working!


  1. Love that cute plushie, and the gold TOMS!

    So you're a teacher? That's awesome! What do you teach?

    I thought about becoming an English teacher for awhile, but decided that the life of a journalist was more suited for me!

  2. Why are you working today??????? What is up with Missouri????

    And I love your list. Those top Toms and silver ones are definitely on my list. I have quite a list myself that I will be posting soon. (Mainly for the benefit of hubby and parents on both sides, hehehe) shhhh ;)

    We missed you in our chat last nite but we're going to be planning a ginormous one while we're in MO for those that can't be there!!!!!

    Love you! Hope you're having a great day! xoxo

  3. I love the philow! And your blog are fan freakin tastic:)

  4. fun list!!!!

    and the word verification i have to type in right now to post this is "godwee" lol

  5. I love the autumn tree plushie and the narwhal! Good luck at the P/T conference - my mum has done sooo many of them and she's only the librarian at her school! x

  6. I hope you get every present on the list darling girl.

  7. i LOVE the autumn tree! and the toms! oh my.


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